getting started

i just got into yo-yoing two weeks ago and i am loving it so far. i just have a few questions

  1. what is the best intro yoyo to unresponsive play.
  2. where should you position the loop so it does not cut off circulation
  3. what are the best strings?
  1. There really is no best. There pretty much is no best anything in the yoyo sport. Some suggetions are some cheap metals. YYF Shutter, C3YoyoDesign Level 6, Onedrop Benchmarks are just a few of the vast choices.

2: Any place on your finger works, whatever seems the most comfortable.

3: Again, no best. The thing to know is that there is bulk and boutique string. Bulk will be much cheaper, usually $8-12 for 100. A few suggestions are Kitty String, BluePrint String, and Buddha String.

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Yoyojordan had some good suggestions for your first metal yoyo. I personally really, really like the Yoyojam Classic. Can’t beat it for about $15 (for it and a C sized bearing.)

I like to put the string on the middle joint of my finger, sometimes closer to the tip, other times farther back. Whatever works for you.

I like modman10’s jackrabbits. I’ve found that Kitty string doesn’t last that long, but it could just be me.

what are good 40> dollar unresponsive yoyos?

  1. As Jordan said above, there is no “best”. Most of what the “best” yoyo is depends on personal preference stuff such as weight, width, diameter, etc. I highly recommend getting a YoYoJam Classic, and change the bearing out for an unresponsive one. I personally have not tried one out, but though i am getting one next week and have heard AMAZING things about it.

  2. Actually just yesterday I went to this little Duncan mini vendor thing yesterday and this pro showed me this 5 second long little tip how to adjust the slipknot and it automatically by itself changes to whatever the size your finger is, and how to undo it. Tell me if you want a quick video, and I’ll make one.

  3. I am not going to say much about this because I’ve only played with YoyoExpert brand string for the 10 months I’ve been yoyoing for. I haven’t gotten around to trying other string. However, I see a lot of pro’s use kitty string (fat) in a lot of their videos, so you can kind of go on that.

So yeah that’s all I have, happy throwing, enjoy it, because I sure as heck wish I can go back to yoyoing and learning the basics again, to be perfectly honest. Feel free to ask me any more questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

As foofy said “there is really no best”. However, I do have suggestions.

The YoyoJam Classic is a great inexpensive start. The C3 Speedaholic is a great value and at $14 if you ding it up who cares. The Yomega pack at $48 for three different yoyo’s and a dvd looks like a good beginner set up.

For string, a thicker one will generally bind a little easier for unresponsive play.

The classic is responsive unless you upgrade the bearing and change the response

Get a speedaholic. I prefer the shape and weight of it and it’s stock unresponsive

Not to mention being softer on the fingers, which is handy when you haven’t built up calluses yet.

It isn’t. What Kitty string has in value, it lacks in longevity… they get all dirty and tatty so quickly.

I’m a ‘YYSL Ammo’ man myself, but it all just comes down to preference and budget.

I’d go for the myy n12, and blueprint string, blueprint lasts longer than kitty and is just better imo as far as bulk string goes.

As for cutting off your circulation… just take a break for a few moments every so often. :wink: I use a particular knot (I HATE the slipknot slipping around or even off my finger!) that will always cut off circulation eventually. There’s no solution sometimes other than taking a quick break!

I am fairly new as well. I’ve had my unresponsive shutter for a little over a month now. I found that unresponsive play is much more forgiving in terms of the string hurting my finger. I can now play for two or three hours with little to no finger pain, where as I used to have red marks and pain with responsive play. Maybe my finger is just tougher now, but maybe going unresponsive will help you out.

What I do is abnormal but i put it at the base of my middle finger because i feel like otherwise my finger will get chopped off.

like where a ring would go? that’s where I put mine, pretty abnormal but i like it

Welcome!! :smiley:
Hmm, well getting into unresponsive, get something like a Yoyofactory or Yoyojam plastic, or if you got money to spare, take a look at the review section of the board and see what you like.

I just put it above the middle joint of my finger.

I usually use YYE bulk string, but I’ve heard about Kitty string and its greatness, too.
Also, Jake Elliot hand makes string. Hint hint…

Welcome to the yoyo community.

  1. I would go with a Dv888, Raptor, or Dash maybe. After that, it is preference. There really is no best of the best, but those are good beginner throws. Following these, recommendations would be a Shutter, Level 6, Benchmarks, then plastics like the Surge, and modded Classic would be good as well. Just look for what you think you will appreciate the best.

  2. On your middle finger between your first and second knuckle is where I put it. Some people do it differently. Just pick what feels the best to you. As far as circulation goes, sometimes you can’t help it. If you see that circulation has been cut off, take off the yoyo immediately and set it down for a while.

  3. For beginners, regular YYE string. Cotton for fixed axle, Cotton/Poly for responsive bearing yoyos, and Poly for unresponsive is what I do. I have been going for about 10 months and that is all I use. I find no need for any other string. However, some string is considered better like YYSL Ammo and Kitty String and stuff like that.

I hope this all helps. Welcome, and good luck.


thanks for the help. you guys were both informative and really friendly so thank you!

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a 100 pack of generic is all you need at the moment. You will burn through that long before you ever start caring about the type of string you are using.

I would get the YoyoOfficer Kilter ($29.99) and 100 Fat Kitty ($18.99). Fat Kitty is my favorite string and the Kilter being a mid sized H shaped throw is perfect for starting unresponsive. I would also recommend getting 1 or 2 pairs of 19mm response pads to go with it.