help for an old guy that used to play a lot

Hey everyone,

So i used to play a lot. I was on THP out of NJ back in the day. I used to yoyo on the board walk for air circus. So i never really stopped, but what i did stop is buying yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: . I randomly stumbled across a guy who was ripping it and asked to try his out and OMG i have no idea what i have been missing.

That all being said , i have NO IDEA what i am looking at. So i am looking to get a metal yoyo around 50$ give or take. Apperently sting is different now too, so there’s that.

I am looking for a couple of good recomendations of yoyos to get. i was looking at the DV888 or the YYF cypher. not sure if they would be good or not. Also what string ppl would recomend.

thanks so much and i cant wait to order!!

The Cypher is pretty nice. I really like the OD Downbeat and the 2013 benchmark V or the 2014 Benchmark V or W. Also try looking on the Buy Sell Trade for higher end metals like CLYW you could probably find some used ones for around that price.

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Personally for budget I LOVE the YoYoFactory Reply Pro… In my opinion, BEST bang for the buck! But it is plastic… BUT WAY awesome, plays just as well as most of my metals. :slight_smile:

As far as Metal, can not go wrong with YoYoFactory when looking for something awesome sub $50. I would steer you away from the DV888, nice yoyo… but undersized (small).

For metal, I would suggest the YYF Shutter for the value… Suppose to be a very nice throw!
Or even something OneDrop, like a Down Beat or Benchmark, a few more $$ but nice stuff and “side effects” axle/weight adjustment system!

Welcome back to some modern yoyoing! :wink:

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I started on the DV888 and it was a great littel yo-yo to learn on (and this was me coming back to throwing after years and years).

I have heard great things about the Shutter as well.

I also use the Downbeat as the posts above me suggested. A bit more than you are hoping for, but it is a fantastic throw that gives a bit more heft while staying very comfortable. The laid back feel of it makes it a bit more calm, which is nice when trying to learn new tricks.

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prolly leaning towards the shutter at this point… can anyone suggest string? or is any poly string good?

Kitty String and Blueprint are really nice high quality Poly strings. Epic Strings and Twisted Strings are Amazing but on the more expensive side. I would steer you away from Cotton because it wears out easily and doesn’t hold string tension well. As for the Shutter, it’s an OK yoyo but for me it didn’t live up to the Hype. If you are looking for a YYF $45 budget metal, Go for the Horizon or the Czech Point.

i wouldnt say that i am ‘looking’ for anything or any price in particualr. i just wanted to stay in the 50$ range, but if moving up a few smackers gets me a signifigantly better product, i would do that.

I would have to second the Blueprints 100% poly… Just like Tolkienfan said! :wink:

Whatever metal yoyo you order, get a Reply Pro too, best $15 for a yoyo ever! Its a great everyday carry and just ordered my 3rd :-X

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Then definitely look into the Downbeat. You could probably find a near mint one for under $50 on the Buy Sell Trade if you looked hard. But the other Budget Metals I mentioned are really nice too.

thanks for that suggestion, i am going to get a plastic one to keep on me and leave the metal one at my house, this was going to be one of my next questions!

I agree about the Replay Pro, It’s one of the best plastics out there and a great deal.

As for the string, I use thick Kitty string on pretty much all of my throws right now, including the Downbeat. The thicker string seems a bit easier for learning (for example, it makes binds a bit easier), and so far Kitty string has such a great feel to it IMO.

Now i remeber the pads, but what is the ‘on drop response’ thing, is that similar to the yoyo jam rubber rings (prolly old school i know, but it is all i have for a point of reference) :slight_smile:

good to know, i am fine with binds, i just dont want it to catch mid trick and destroy my knuckels, i am sure you have all been there

CLYW Snow Tires are great but won’t fit most yoyos. Also One Drop response is great and should fit most throws. As for Kitty Fat, I’ve never really had problems with it snagging, but it does give some nice tight binds and it plays great.

That generally doesn’t happen with my thick Kitty strings, but if you are worried about it the normal Kitty strings are also excellent :slight_smile:

Kitty string nylon 1.5 is pretty good string.

dude i would up getting the shutter and absolutely love it!!! still ripping it since i got it a few months ago , its awesome.

I constantly hear about how great the Shutter is. Maybe check out the One Drop store, for some other options, but you find the Shutter and other gr8 yoyo’s in the Yoyo Factory shopping section.

Kitty Strings are great, and Blueprints are so soft. About pads, you really don’t have to worry, the only thing that I’ve ever had a problem with is the snow tires on my Borealis, and it wasn’t even that bad. Just one was a bit thicker and stuck out. Just played for a while and it receded. The YYF Horizon is also a great throw. Personally, I have mixed feelings on the DV888. I like it, but something was just a little off for me about it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great throw, but something about it was weird for me. One more, I’ve heard really good things about the One Drop Vanguard, not sure if there’s any left in the store but a lot of people like it. Oh, how did I forget?! Welcome back to yoyoing!