yoyo to use

:)pls help me choose a yoyo guys.which one is the best dark magic,hybrid hitman.new breeed,legac or x-convict,thank u.! :slight_smile: :wink:

There is no “BEST” yoyo. Each yoyo has a different characteristic. And it’s all about preferences.

Hitman and X-Convict is small yoyo. Good for grinds.

New breed is wide and big.

Dark magic is also good for grinds and it’s almost as big as New Breed.

Just pick which one suits you the best…

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thank you for that.Big help.

Actually, the bigger and wider it is, the better it is to grind with…if you want a bigger yoyo that’s slightly wider get a New Breed, if you want it slightly narrower get a Dark Magic, if you want a smaller yoyo get either a hitman or X-Convict.

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That’s false.

Anyway, to the OP, get whatever looks best to you. It really shouldn’t matter at this point.

/Yep, there is no best. They all play great. You just need to figure out what size and shape you like. I can do all my tricks on all of those with the same results. They all work just fine. My taste goes toward the legacy but I know people that prefer the vict. To each his own.

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It just depends on how you use it.

Really? Weird…I feel like it’s easier for it to get on my arm…

That’s why it’s all about preferences…

The more surface contact between the yoyo and your skin, the worse it will grind. Smaller yoyos are well, smaller. This means less overall contact between the yoyo and your skin, thus longer grinds. Larger wider yoyos could be easier to land on your arm or be more stable, but you won’t see quite the grind time.

thanks to you all!!

Hey is the Legacy durable?

yes the legacy is durable its also an amazing yoyo

out the box its dead unresponsive and smooth

it really is a great yoyo to have in your pocket, learn new tricks, or just play around

Then my first post wouldn’t be completly false, it would be true to some people.

honestly i dont care about sientific knowledge its just easier for me to grind with a wider bigger yoyo

best cheap yoyos. pgm, protostar, x con all day ;D