Yoyo to aspire for

I don’t know… I want to just have a yoyo that I want. It helps me concentrate kinda… it’s weird, but yeah. I’m planning ahead! ;D

And underneath… are preferances in order of importance.

Beadblasted, Sodablasted, Candyblasted finish
Around… 53mm diameter, 40 something width
Rounded Shape
A sized bearing
Rim Weighted

And also… No YYF or YYJ!! I’m expiermenting with different companies.

The addict sounds PERFECT for you.

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Yeah… except it’s a C sized bearing… but otherwise it’s great! Any other ideas?

Big Brother TT?

BB TT is kind of off for me… it’s a bit too skinny, sharp.

If I decide to buy a spyy, which I might, because I’ve never tried one of their yoyos, where can I buy a bead blasted addict? They’re all out and gone!

correction: and CLYW, Perhaps you can try YYJ metals, I don’t count those as yoyojams because they rarely make metal yoyos, and it should be pretty new to you

Where can I buy the addict?

The BSTs. (Buy Sell Trade)

That’s it? How about yoyos that are not from BST?

What do you mean? If you can find a yoyo anywhere, it’s on the BST.

You could go with a Werrd TFL88 it can use the beefcake or just a single bearing its a large size tho,
its rounded has spikes you can get a satined finish too.(really good for grinding)

Erm… is the addict out of production or something?? Also, are there other yoyos that fit…

Satined finishes are really any better for grinding than, say, plastic.

I think the Addict is indeed out of production, but I could be wrong. According to YoyoWiki, though, the MkII followed it up, which would make me think the Addict is out of production.

Any other choices? I really don’t know many yoyos. Only like YYF, YYJ, Duncan, CLYW…

How about this? I don’t care about bearing size, nor response. New prefs:

Good Grinding Surface
50-55mm diameter
40-45mm diameter

Rounded/rim shape. Not Sharp.

All yoyos have “good” grinding surfaces. Some think that only metal can grind well, but it simply isn’t true. Also, almost any surface put on a metal will make it be able to grind well. Just pointing that out.

Besides the spikes part, I would say 888.

Well… yoyos that grind well on my hand??? ???

I was hoping for spikes though…

general yo 5 star.

Is it still there?? And it will come out again right?

How about the E1NS by ILYY?