Trying to find a yoyo to learn tricks on

As the topic has stated, I am looking for an advanced metal yoyo to learn tricks on. My skill level is Advanced 1/2, and I would like a yoyo with a diameter of 52 mm and an organic shape. I prefer a weight of less than 66 grams.

I have already looked at the 5 Star, BvM, and Pacquiao. Any opinions?

Well, the Torrent 2 is going to be extremely hard to come by, as they are not being produced. The only way to get one would be the bst and torrent 2’s fetch a huge price tag. The Addictiction is a very solid choice. Also, look at the One Drop 54. A nice organic shape with the epicness of side effects. I cqn’t tell you how many posts I have saying how good OD yoyos are and how useful side effects are.

there are a lot of great oversized organic shaped yoyos out there.
heavy cream
and the list goes on and on

How much are you looking to spend?

Wait…is the Pacquiao good for learning tricks on? And what about the tfl and 4xl?
I am looking to spend no more than $110

A few thoughts:

  1. Almost all yoyos are good for learning tricks with. You always learn something with every yoyo.
  2. You’re already ahead of most in choosing as you seem to have identified some of your preferences.
  3. All the yo’s mentioned have great potential. All you need to do is find one that you like and have access to and go for it.
  4. $110 can get you at least 1 very nice throw, more if you use bst.
  5. Trust yourself when considering a yo, who knows what you like better?
  6. Just because I, someone else, or most of us love a yo doesn’t mean a thing until you try it and decide for yourself.
  7. Check out the reviews or comments made by others using the search button.
  8. Enter the chat and ask pointed questions about certain yo’s.
  9. In the end we will all give you ideas and suggestions of so many yoyos you will be more over whelmed than you are now.
  10. I find that I often enjoy yo’s that others don’t even talk about, for me they are incredible.
  11. Read #5 again it’s worth repeating.

What are you leaning towards at the moment?

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I fnow where you can get some plus grade torrents (pm me).

Some advice of mine would be to try some different sizes, because if you are only looking at yogis with certain specs, you will miss out on a lot of amazing throws. Plus, who knows maybe you might find a size that you like more.

one drop code one, it’s my beater of choice, and it’s a beater for a reason

whenever I want to work on tricks, or perform challenging stuff, I get my Code one, as it’s significantly easier to do tricks on this one compared to any other yoyo I own

the pacquiao is very good but extremely light (49g), I have it and I love it too

plus, the code one can be tuned with side effects so you can modify the weight, therefore the play to your preference.

I say code one

i would go after the addiction probably one of the smoothest yoyos around

The speedfreak is really nice and very comfortable, i also have a 54 and i kind of favor more of my speedfreak.The Speed Freak isn’t as stable as the 54 and you dont get the option to change the weight.Honestly any yoyo will be just fine for learning tricks (with some exceptions).

As I’ve said to many oth er ppl, you can’t go wrong with an OD 54, it’ll do whatever you want it to do. And I think it is an awesome shape, it falls precisely into your spec range, AND its made by one drop… Plus the pyramatte finish is great for grinding. And that’s not even mentioning The side effects. Hehe