Chosing a Yoyo


Okay, I want a new yoyo.

Size: Roughly 40mm, 50mm
Shape: I don’t like the squatty ones, no offense. Like the most I’ll go is width and height are equal, but not where the width is more than the height.
-Not really too boxy in shape… I’d like one that curves into the response, not one where the sides kinda just suddenly drop into the response.
-Rounded Rims, or Flat, No Sharp.
Definitely not one that plays like a rock. I don’t care about weight, but about how it feels. Like not Genesis/DM weight… more of a floatier, moving weight.
-A good grinding surface would be nice, but not needed.
-And I would really like spikes… cuz I always wanted a yoyo with spikes. 8)

(Hardcore_Max) #2

I have a werrd 4xl that might be what you are looking for. Pm me for some pics and more info.


I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to trade.


From what i read on your preference, you might like a rounded undersize with spike.
i hardly think any undersize rounded yoyo with spike. But you might like the Hspin beysick or gorylla.


Beysick… maybe, I think the rims might be just a little too thick…
Gorylla… it’s the way it’s flat from the response.

(Hardcore_Max) #6

Thats loco, oh well can you purchase, I’m selling.
Can you use that loop hole?


I GOT A LOOP HOLE… but its gonna take days. My dad says next weekend he’ll make ebay. I’m allowed to get it through ebay…


So… no yoyos fit me??? ???

I don’t care if they went out of prod. or anything, I might likely trade for them.


maybe a clyw wooly marmot?


oh, and has to be silicone.