New yoyo... We all know the drill

Undersized, good grinds, rounded, color matters. Money is no object. Suggestions?

888x, boss, 44? those all are great for your preferences. if you go a little bigger, addiction

I know I sound dumb just suggesting THE most popular metal yoyo, but I think the 888x fits your preferences perfectly actually. :slight_smile:

But there are some other choices, like maybe the Hatrick if you can find one on the B/S/T section, or perhaps a Kyo DNS, also may have to find on the B/S/T. Hope I could help some!


Hugo-Z-Hor is a beast of a Yo-Yo. ;D

Oh yeah! I forgot about that! Seems no one really plays them, and it’s made by Duncan too, which should add to it’s credibility.


the real hugo was made in the czech republic…then duncan destroyed it with friction stickers and a lubed bearing, however, If you clean the bearing and change the response I suppose it would be okay…


888x. Plays really good w/ hubstacks off.


Campfire is all those except rounded. I would suggest a TaTa Twister maybe?
Check for undersized. (In my opinion. It’s about a 2-inch diameter, which is slightly undersized.
Check for good grinds (beadblasted but no IRG).
Check for rounded.
Available in blue and gray and white splash.
Check if money is no object. (115$)

Seems like a good yo for you.

I know it’s not rounded, but is the cut good for grinds?

Quote from the HighSpeedYoyo reveiw:
“Grinds are a snap with the Hspin finish. It stays put on my arm until I want it to move and then it travels with ease. Finger grinds are the same way. The deep cup and angled IGR allow for easy catches on the thumb.”
End quote

Seems like it!

Actually, according to SBL that is the new finish on the ICON. The next batch of Cuts will have this finish, but the old ones don’t have it.
Edit: Sorry, but the new BEYSICKS would have the new finish not the CUTS. Sorry, for the misinformation. :-[

FLP Katz Meow.

888x. You can’t go wrong with it or hate it.

HAHAHAHA…no, watch the SBL vid and read the YYS review

Why not the FLP Katz Meow? I have read numerous positive reviews of it.