Yoyo talent show

Just me doing my talent show :D. Tell me what you guys think I would be grateful for some feedback

Nice! Your really good for someone who recently started! Once you learn tricks from a breakaway, you’ll start to see your style. And I assume that your style will be legit! Good job!

agreed! i wasnt able to throw a sleeper then! amazing job!

Woah, some people pick up real fast, that was great dude! Keep throwing

Good job, dude!
Any advice for someone who’s gonna have to perform and talk about yoyos and my handmade counterweights? I’m INCREDIBLY nervous!

Well definitely show some flashy tricks, people do not really care about really complicated string hits because they dont understand them, but be confident that is a very big part and practice, practice, practice. Maybe make some jokes like people always ask you to walk the dog because they don’t know what you can do, but I wish you luck :slight_smile:

thanks, man :). I’m really nervous, though. I think I’m gonna do elihops, maybe a made up string trick or two ad maybe a thumb grind. Sound good?

Thats great, hope you keep on playing yoyo!

Yeah sounds good I hope you do well video tape it if possible haha

thanks, man! I’ll try to get a video, maybe I’ll even try to videotape my report on the history of yoyos and everything, including my performance!