Any Tips for a first time Performance?

Hello Guys.
I decided i want to perform in front of a crowd for a social gathering, between ages 12-30.
I have been yoyo’ing for a year and a half now. Some of these people have seen a video of me yoyo’ing but i have never showed them LIVE. i know enough tricks to perform for 2minutes. but some of my tricks, i cannot land too often because those are my “hard” tricks.
I find myself always going back to these hard tricks whenever i freestyle in my house. and it seems i have no idea on how to be “simple and fun anymore.” On stage, i do not want to mess up alot.
So… i want to break this habit and practice for performing for a couple of days.

Any tips on what and how i should perform?
Is there any other tips you have for a First Timer Performer?

Also, how did/do you deal with stage performance? does being nervous make you go faster/slower/clunkier?

Pick a song that you can match your throwing to comfortably, show them some big flashy tricks instead of complicated tech, and just have fun with it.


Go slower, there is no need for contest speed.
Use easier trick that is easy to land and audience can see them clear.
Some Eli Hops, Boing-boing, picture tricks, grinds, something around arms or between legs, everything impress them.
Show some basics of 5A and 4A.

You can spend some time on talking about history, about why it has bearing.

I have never “performed” for anyone other than friends and coworkers but I can tell ya most people will want to see walk the dog and rock the baby so you could always try to throw some classics in there … maybe dizzy baby and walk the dog up the arm to make it more interesting. Some tricks may not be too hard/complicated but still look impressive like Revolutions, Thumb or finger grinds, Suicides, whips/slacks, Eli hops, gyroflop etc…

In all honestly most people wont know where a trick stops or starts so if you mess up just go with and act like nothing happened. No one knows how the actual tricks should look unless they throw too… no one will know.

get some hi chew

Cool. I guess i will practice alot more of my Flashy moves.
Also, the place i will yoyo at is a white background and im probably going to wear a dark color.
so what color string would be most visible to the audience; Yellow or Green or White?

Green. It’s bright enough to be visible against a black shirt and dark enough to be visible on a white background

Also, smile.

Id say stick to some nice flashy tricks that you are cOmfortable with. Also, dont stand in one spot the whole time, move around and change positions for the audience. Most of all, look like your having a good time and make faces/smile. This helps ease the audience and makes you look plain freaking awesome. Oh and lots of practice and some smooth music that goes with your flow:)

Eli hops. If you can, do them behind your back or under your leg. Nuff said.

horizontal tricks

First off smile it always gets the crowd enthused. Also flashy tricks like Eli hops get them fascinated. Plus do a song that is very catchy and eye contact is everything it may be hard but it is do able.

Don’t do a song if it’s just a small social gathering with people you know. You aren’t gonna walk up on stage with a computer and play a song. That would be kinda awkward.

Wash your hands like 8-10 minutes before you perform.

Thanks alot for the tips you guys!
They are really helpful!
What im going to do is record myself doing my performance to see what im lacking, i hope this will definitely help me see what others see of my performance!

In your experiences, do your Audiences ever go “OOOoooooOOOoOOoohhh!!” or “Applaud” during your performance?
if so, which trick did you do to stir up the audience?

Have fun

Wow. is all i can say for a first time performance. It was fun.
there was so much going on in my head that i barely remembered my routine. im sure i did well though.

But some FIRST HAND PERSONAL tips for the next guy reading this is:
Do more FLASHY Tricks. For REAL. Do FLASHY TRICKS!!!
Move on Stage.

Best tips i can give to you for your first time performance. Good Luck to next person reading this.

(these are not tips for a contest)

Find an epic song most of the people there will connect with, not something by a band only a few of them may have heard of.
Learn flashy tricks and use a light colored yoyo so they can see.