How to organise first routine

Hey guys I want to do a performance for my school talent show. I have never performed in front of lots of people and I am not sure how to put all my tricks that I made up and didn’t make up into a performance. Thanks

I’d try to frame your performance around a piece of music that you enjoy and perhaps throw to a lot. This will give you pacing and a framework to base the length of your combos around.

In general, just start tossing around and see what fits. For a talent show, or really any performance, it’s a good idea to accompany longer combos with some short and sweet tricks that stand out and garner applause. If you feel like you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, /don’t/. Start with a combo in the middle, maybe plan what you want to do at the very end. Frame out your freestyle based on what works best where, and the order will resolve itself.

Above all, just have fun. The creative process of yoyo spans further than the creation of tricks themselves. Experiment with composition, pacing, pauses, and varying speed to really show off yoyoing in a diverse and fun way!

Tricks to consider:

  • Tricks that demonstrate the physics of the yoyo itself: gravity pulls, demonstrations of unresponsiveness, gyroscopic flop, walk the dog, grinds, etc.
  • Tricks that bring back nostalgic memories from the audience: simple picture tricks, and then more complex ones, walk the dog, looping, around the world in between more technical combos.
  • Technical combos: be wary not to make these too long and hard to follow, you’re performing for the uninitiated! Sprinkle in more flashy tricks and then dive back into harder ones.

Yep. Also make sure you look up at the crowd and smile, and don’t do all the hardest tricks first, build up to them. Most importantly, have fun.