My First GIG!!!! Tips Please

Hey everyone i have my first yoyo gig at the corn fest in royal oak,MI i am planning to wear a scarecrow outfit, any tips from you performers?(BTW i’m 14 as of sunday)

FLASHY TRICKS! i have learned through out all the talents shows and talent competitions I’ve done that all those technical tight knit tricks all look the same to a non-yoyoer. Stuff like Eli Hops, boingy boing and any big body involved tricks like neck tricks are highly recommended. hope this helps!

Do impressive tricks like Mach 5, gyro flops Eli hops and do simple stuff like picture tricks or rock the baby, around the world. Hope that helps

Do body wraps! Those are great! Look up the trick guillotine.


this is a huge one.

I find doing tricks that are easier to follow, like Matrix, Buddah’s revenge, simple basics like those will impress people more than anything technical.

Big flashy tricks that the people way back in the crowd can see clearly. Like others have suggested, tricks like eli hops are great and real crowd pleasers. If you can do some behind the back stuff they’d probably get a kick out of that as well.

Most importantly, just have fun! If you’re enjoying yourself, the audience will too.