Talent show

I won my school talent show. This is my first real performance on stage in front of regular people/ strangers, so there were a few slipups.

You did pretty good for your first time on stage. Even if I was good at yoyoing i don’t think I could go up on stage without passing out. Major props for having the guts to throw on stage!

Thank you!!

wow! you did amazing! especially on stage. i have a talent show coming up, any tips?

Me too. Next Friday. I have no song/routine/anything. Was any of that improvisation?

whooo! That’s coming up, isn’t it? On the 6th of March I’ve gotta do a routine, show off my handmade counterweights, holster and hopefully my yoyo. Oh, and I have to talk about the history of yoyoing, too. All in 5 minutes. I’m so nervous…

Pro tip for next time! Get some sort of hate or beanie or sweat band WHATEVER to keep your hair out of your face then you won’t have to push it aside as much :slight_smile: awesome first performance mane