YoYo String

I have a lot of replacement strings, so once i saw my yoyo string kinda worn out, so i was testing all of my other strings, and since i was in a hurry i decided to keep using the same old string but when i threw it the yoyo fell right out lol.

It’s always good to change your string when it gets worn out.

Yeah, I make sure to replace my string early for this reason.

lol i know someone who does one combo then replaces his string lol

I replace my string mid-combo just to be sure.

In fact I’ve been in the middle of the same combo since April.
There have been a lot of Mobious Pocket Stalls though.

String is cheap, especially if you buy in bulk. I change my string once or twice a day (I know its overkill). If you buy 100 pack kitty and change it every day its like $20 every 3 months. 20cents a string. There is no reason to use a string till it breaks, IMO.

I almost replaced my string before it broke, so ill know when it will wear out!

When my oil gets burnt, I just replace the engine ;D