String change?

I change mine when its worn.I read something that said after 30min.
I had way over 2 hrs on my Werrd,and its still great.Changed it so it doesnt break.

How often do ya’ll change strings?

I used to be more picky about changing my strings regularly. Now, I just use them until the loop around the bearing looks frayed.

Another time I will change my string is when it begins to hold its tension in an uneven way, making it too unreliable for slacks and rejections.


Yeah thats what I do.
Tend to get a mid-string knot myself.But have all those knots,tomorrow is when I’ll change strings!!!
Time to buy another 100.

Any suggestions on a decent Brand 100ct string on ebay?

just when I feel I need it, could be after 10 minutes, could be after days.

Usually when it stops holding tension well or when it starts to look worn.

It depends, when I feel like changing, I change it.

Everyday.I use kitty string fat ,if id use other string,probably once an hour

Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Or use a cloud string and go for months on ONE.

Swapping stings every hour? 100 packs? NO thanks. Yall can keep that stuff. If its trash after an hour or even a few hours, its not worth it. I dont care how “cheap” they are. Thats not a draw for me.

its simple for me. Quality over quantity every time. 4 quarters over a hundred pennies.

i know people love their bulk cheap strings (meow), im not one of them.

I agree with this sentiment.^

Here’s a string I bought nearly 9 years ago! It outlasted the bearing! I haven’t thrown this yo-yo as much lately, but at one point I decided I wanted to just use one yoyo, almost exclusively, and this, along with the G.5 for my pocket are what I chose. There are many, many hours on this string.

The G.5 was in my pocket for nearly that entire 9 years, and I don’t play it right now, because the ceramic KonKave wore out. The string? Still going strong! I guess that’s why when I use poly, I procrastinate, and let it get a bit “furry” as seen in a recent post.

The 25ct poly, long gone…

Cloud String is much more to most people’s taste than the Angel Hair. So far, I’m enjoying mine.

Don’t balk at the price, it’s well worth it. I think a good strategy would be to buy at least one with each yoyo purchase

I hope the yoyoguy stuff on there is OK? They are long gone. If not, I’ll black that out, and swap out the pic.

I don’t know what it is but quality homebrew strings are always a lot better and last a lot longer than the big name brands, even when comparing to companies likes YYSL and Toxic. I’ve tried a few homebrew strings that are as soft and handle tension as well as YYSL and whip as well and last as long if not longer than toxic strings. I don’t really know why nobody sells these types of strings to the masses, seems like epic strings(nobody talks about these anymore, some of you guys that are using cloud string should really give them a shot) and cloud strings are the only ones.

I would buy a few cloud strings myself but $4 for a single string is really a huge hit. I understand they last as long if not longer than a 10 pack but I think the benefit of getting strings in bulk is you can have individual strings in multiple throws and just switch out from a yoyo when necessary rather than switching 1 string from yoyo to yoyo.

I just recently put an Epic Strings Whips Whippy on my Ricochet, and so far I really like it. Is it nylon?

I know the Magic Threads are nylon, I think the whips are too.

Thanks for the replys.
I’m going to go w/ some zeekio in bulk.I have too many yoyo’s.

Anyone try that kevlar string?

I heard some people that didi use it talk about it, I have not, so no first hand for me, but they said it frays, but is stupid soft.

that is about all I heard.

Yuk! Fat and weird, soft with hard mixed in. Imagine playing with a fuzzy vine…

I’ve tried some Kevlar string… It was okay. Not my favorite, but it was pretty decent.

Also, does anyone else have issues with slack binds and stuff with cloud string? It’s pretty thin so I understand why I have issues, but maybe I’m not as good at them as I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I’m kind of underwhelmed by my cloud string. It’s not bad, the springiness just feels weird, and tension holding is mediocre considering the string costs $4.

Epic Strings are like magic though. All three varieties I tried were fantastic.