How often to change strings?

Hey everyone, a quick question.

I’ve got a Magic yoyo T9 dark angel, took the stacks off because one of the bearings was a bit gritty and noisy, no loss though was only cheap.

My question is, I forgot to buy strings! I’m going to order some tomorrow, but will I be OK until they arrive? Like how long does a string usually last? Is it hours, or days?

String life depends on how often and hard you play. There’s a post about it Here. (Along with some other useful tidbits.)

for me i can break a toxic norm in 2 weeks tops, kitty usually lasts a couple of days. I throw alot though one thing i have found is change the string when it gets really fuzzy and is thin and always goes into spaghetti.

I ordered a new yoyo today, along with strings. They were the cheapest in the shop, £1 for 10 strings, does this make a difference?

I gathered strings are strings, but might be wrong.

you are most definitely wrong. there are plastic feeling strings, soft string, fast strings, kevlar strings, and other. You cannot just pick up a string and say oh this is like any other string. If you go into yoyoing with this thought it will be detrimental to you, It will not let you realize the full potential of the wide variety of different playing strings.

On the other hand, for someone just starting out basic slick 6 (50%cotton/50% poly) is good to get going. You can experiment with the other types after you get things sorted out.

Ahh ok, so there is a difference. I gather as I progress and become more skill-full I will notice the difference, but as a noob I won’t.
Kind of like guitar, at first I couldn’t really tell the difference, but after a while of playing, I really can tell the difference in quality between a badly made instrument and a quality one. I’ve also noticed this doesn’t always reflect the price either, sometimes a cheaper model plays better than a more expensive brand.