yoyo string washing machine

this is a weird question… but can you put 100% poly string through a washing machine and not ruin them?
my cat thought it would be a good idea to pee on my newly constructed yoyo case that I just put 90 strings in… luckily all my bearings and such were in plastic bags, and it didn’t soak through to my throws. but the strings weren’t so lucky.

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well i remember on vulto yoyostrings web site, they said that you could put the strings through the washing machine and you could still use them. Its worth a try. But first i would try a couple strings maybe 3… then if they come out good do it on the rest of them.

I just wouldn’t put them in the dryer. The heat could do something bad.

Yeah as he said, try 3 strings to see the outcome.

I do this all the time with strings that get dirty but are still new. Works fine. Not the exact same feeling as new, but pretty close.

Awesome, so they’re not ruined after all. :slight_smile:
thanks guys

Hand wash em in the sink with mild soapy warm water. Hang dry.