Washable strings

Hey guys I remember reading somewhere that you can wash and reuse some strings. Is this true? Id love to get some that you can just wash and reuse.

Yes, this is probably the one hundredth post about this.

You can wash strings. Results vary widely. My own experience is that you will only get a few more throws out of them. I like the springiness in new strings. Washing doe not restore that. They also tend to break easier after washing in my experience. Your mileage may vary.

I saw that Ham Strings had their washable string and had heard that other companies string could be washed too. I don’t mean highlights or cheap string but something like MarkMont Drangon strings or Twisted Stringz that have either been proven to be washable or have been washed with good results.

I’ve read where people were doing this with kevlar strings. I have some and they’re lasting forever, but I’m not to the point of needing to wash them yet.

Angel Hair I hear that you pretty much have to wash them for them to actually be usable because they’re so rough.

I’ve found the toxic and twisted wash up nicely and spring back to their original feel.
I’ve had bad luck with string containing nylon, it becomes brittle after a dry cycle.

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I will try to wash a Ham string and some twisted strings if I can get my hands on some soon to test the theory