String washing

When i read up on toxic strings, washing a continuing to use string was mentioned. Do people really do this? Is there a technique to it?

U can ask jenjen. :slight_smile:

It means you put some used strings in your pants pocket, then take them out after you do the laundry.


Sure. Water. Soap. Rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry. If your string starts to fray or looks worn, you might want to go ahead and replace it before it snaps.

After playing with with this dragon string for the last three or four days, I can see washing and reusing certain brands being a reality. It would have never occurred to me to try extending the life of a string like that before.

Isn’t jenjen part of twisted strings?

Don’t bother with cotton string. It breaks easily after being washed. 50/50 slick string may be ok. 100% poly probably works to a point but it will eventually wear out too.

What about Kitty String? I go though a 100 pack of poly (thin and normal) in about 4 months!

i use 100 pack stock yye string, so i dont bother most of the time :P. when i have a more expensive string around, id use dish soap and water. dish soap works for me the best (cause the string is dirty because of grease) . then ill use a hair dryer on cold. (i get my strings dirty because of the mistake of earing while throwing lol :P) i dont use the hot setting because sometimes the string dries too fast on only a few threads and it make the string shrivel up in a way!

Toxics. Particularly dragon wash up really well. I put them through a wash dry cycle loose in the machine.
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I used to do this when my poly strings were running low and I was too lazy to order em. Most of that grunge on your string is from the oil on your hands.

  1. Put a whole lot of em inside an empty sock and tie the end.
  2. Throw em inside the washer with your other laundry.
  3. ???
  4. Profit?

I only recommend you this is once or twice depending on the string type. ANY strings will be frayed and weaker after using just once.

That’s a good idea, putting them in a sock, would let them wash up and less tangling than putting them in loose I’d figure. Maybe a mesh bag.
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