Washable string

When a string is washable, is it a one time thing or can u wash it multiple times
I’m also curious on what washing does to the string :stuck_out_tongue:

You can wash it multiple times.

It cleans it lol.

Seriously, some of your clothes are made from the same stuff. Different string blends will respond differently to washing. Some will be weakened by it and fray. Others will be largely unaffected. Not too many people wash their strings, though. Washing won’t put bounce back in a dead string.

So unless the string itself is dirty, it won’t do anything?

It may make it softer, if it’s a coarse string.

As Waylon noted, it depends on the string. It certainly doesn’t pay to was cotton string, given it’s short life expectancy. I’ve mainly used slick 6 an 8, and feel that it is weakened by washing. But there again it may be due to the cotton component’s shorter life span.

i throw my polyester strings in my jeans pockets and washem. makes em soft

What about for toxic dragons and Drakens? Will it make the fray go away?


Does washing a shirt get rid of tears and frays?

If you have magic detergent…
Just curious as it says after washing it plays like brand new

Washing will…

  • Puff up strings, restoring some bounce, depending on material
  • Remove dirt, oil from your hands, and other such things
  • Restore most of the color
  • Maybe save you a little cash here and there

Washing will not…

  • Remove the frays off of a string

Depending on materials…

  • Nylon - Great improvement from washing. Nylon cleans up very well.
  • “Soft” polyester - Your regular bulk poly. Might be worth it if you’re washing large amounts of strings at a time, but it’s only a minor improvement that doesn’t extend string life too much.
  • “Hard” polyester - Dragon, Draken, and similar strings - A rather large improvement from washing. Worth it if you use these strings.
  • Cotton - Washing cotton strings used to be a thing, but now cotton strings are so cheap to buy in bulk, it’s probably not worth it.

Just give it a shot with whatever string you’re using. At most you’re down $.60.

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