Yoyo String Bracelet


Alright i made a bracelet using some spare Perfect fit yoyo string. i was just wondering if this is a lame thing to make? if you say yes tell me why and if you say no tell me why please.


i can make cool braclets with regular string and its very cool


I think its cool I made one and wear it all the time


can you guys upload pictures of yours?


sorry no camera for another week


If I made one, it would be out of a used string that has probably broken, but that’s a great idea.

(Mitch) #7

How do you go about making it… I use my string in two parts, 1A till it no longer holds tension well (Like 2 weeks…) Then I use it for 5A till it breaks… I have a few broken strings that would make a good bracelet?

(AudienceOfOne.) #8

im wearing 5 right now maybe for 3 months now.


i use string that doesn’t hold tension anymore. i take three strings and take the end that goes around the bearing and place them about 1/4 inch apart on 1 side of pliers then i just braid them and tie off the ends when i have a size that fits my wrist. an easier way is to take 1 old string and tie it around your wrist.


I like this idea, I’m saving my old strings now :smiley:

A few designs to try: http://www.planetpals.com/IKC/peacebracelet.html


those look like great designs to try, and i will once my string is unusable


take 2 diffrent coler strings twist make cooler 1


post a pic


too lazy.

(PHAZZE) #15

That’s a cool idea. I was thinking about saving some old string for a necklace then I was gonna string some old bearings and spacers from my Duncan yoyos.


My fiance turns half of my used yoyo-strings into bracelets xD I wear my blue/white gatorfloss bracelet on occasion since it’s fun to fiddle with in my hand!


its a pretty funky idea lol! i used and black string to put some dog tags on n other things to make a necklace thingy!


that would be cool and add a little flare.


I’m so glad other people do this. I make bracelets quiet often because I get bored and because manly men do it ;). I use brand new strings though instead of old strings because I have this horrible luck of breaking strings, so I carry the good strings around so just incase the string breaks I’ll have back ups. And because I’m meticulous I carry quite a few extra strings with me. I keep one in my wallet, one in my back pocket, and then 3-4 on my wrist depending on what bracelet I have.

(Mitch) #20

Thats slick… I carry one in my wallet as well but put a few together in an easily taken apart braclet