What to do with old yoyo strings


So, if you’re like any yoyoer out there, you’ve probably got tons and tons of old yoyo strings. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do with all of them.

(Shisaki) #2

Give it to your mom or grandma and let them use it to sow back clothes.

(Johnny T) #3

Use them for loopers or just throw them away.


Make a ball of string, bracelet, make it into a belt, etc.

(SR) #5

Let your cats play with them, tie your friends up, stuff lke that.


Strange, I recently re-threaded one of my sister’s necklaces with some old yo-yo string. (Of course, I was the one who broke the necklace :P)

(Mitch) #7

Make the CWs out of string… Are the call Waps Nests or somthing?


Wasp’s nest actually, but yes.

You can put it on a stick and go fishing. My friend did it and caught something within 10 seconds of putting it in the water.


Make a little yarn for counterweights. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]


(Bradley Moss) #11

Use them as response in Loop720s…


Make a Homemade Floor mat >:(.

(JayVee) #13

I once made something similar to the Yo-Yo-n-Go yo-yo holder out of three used string. It didn’t work too well.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #14

Friendship bracelets! :smiley:

(SR) #15

Don’t forget enemies bracelets! :smiley:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #16

Of course! facepalm