Old strings


I’ve just discovered that old strings are good for playing with cats.

Does anyone have any alternative uses for old strings?


String balls to give to cats!


you can also make necklaces and bracelets so then you got some cool yoyo accessories ;D


Gallows for Lego people


I have a one gallon bag FULL of old strings. My girlfriend uses them to make necklaces and bracelets and stuff. It’s kinda cool


I always kept my old string and made them into a ball. It’s a larger than a softball now. I reckon there’s atleast 200 strings in there…

Note that all that old string has your sweat, dirt and skin stuff on it… I do hope your girlfriend washed it before she made necklaces and bracelets with them !


She cuts the finger loop off and knots it first. I don’t use my strings long anyways. And a Lil dirt and sweat never hurt nobody, lol. Especially in Oregon! ;D


Braid them into yoyo slings / holders, use them to tie up parcels, or I use them to tie tomato plants to their stakes (I like watching things grow!).


I wash them and then reuse them. After that I just keep them as spare multi-use string.


le trashcan


Might I ask how?


hey its been a while :slight_smile:

Just tie the strings xD


But they’re too long…


Macrame!!! It looks super sweet.


I did it! It looks sweet!!!