What To Do With Extra String

So, since I make my own string, I like to compare it to any other string I can get my hands on, but a lot I don’t really care for. So in my case I have a bunch of string I don’t even like or use. I was wondering if there are any other people who have this problem and what they do about it? Or suggestions about what I could do with it? Maybe a thread where people offer things they would like to get rid of, and then somebody else takes it, and offers something of their own? Sorta like a pass it on thread? Who would be up for that?

Yeah I have been saving a lot of worn out string for who knows what. The only thing I’ve heard of doing is making homemade counterweights with old string.

I throw away worn out string, but what I am talking about is perfectly good 100% mint new string

Oh then never mind.

I always put new, unwanted (but unused) string in BST boxes.

Send it to me, jk, but it may be better to hold onto, either someone you know will need it or you will at some point

Make rope out of the strings the same way you make string

My little sis makes fancy bracelets.

I hand off old string, or ones I make but didn’t like how they turned out to my youngest daughter… she braids them into bracelets and key chains…

Man I have so much used string and I too haven’t been throwing it away. Seriously no idea what to do with it. Maybe I could learn to knit and make my self a sweet yoyo case / holder…

There have been a couple threads like this. I’ve made some bracelets and such out of it. I actually braited 6 strings together to make a necklace chain.

What I usually see though is people
a) throw it away (what I do usually)
b) make wasp nests http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-WaspNest-Freehand-Counterweights/
c) string ball
or d) jewelry
some people also wash the strings and reuse them, but I would advise against that. Washing them may bring the colour back, but it won’t bring the durability back.

I dont think everybody is understanding what my scenario is. When I buy string to try, you get like ten strings. Everybody with me so far? Say I use one or two trying them on my different throws and decide I dont like it, now I have eight PERFECTLY BRAND NEW, NEVER USED strings sitting in my case, that I’m not going to use because I dont like them. So I was asking what would you guys do with this brand new string that you dont want

I do the same thing. It allows the string to be put to good use and not be wasted. At the same time I’m not giving away my preferred string and the trades and sales I do don’t show up without string which I just think isnt cool.

If I have some new metal throws I think may need to have the wall broken in a bit I use the string for this as well. This way I’m not cutting through string on a rough wall and wasting my good string. Once the finish on the wall is smoother I can switch to my good string. The Viszilla was one of these throws that went through 5 strings before the finish wasn’t eating string. Of course sometimes you need some 1000 girit sandpaper when using several strings doesn’t work.

If i have new strings that i’m not going to use because i don’t like them or whatever, i’ll give them away. Run a little video contest or something, or give them to a friend. I gave away 300 HamStrings last Contest, simply because i just don’t’ like using them.

That or sell em…

I give away new strings all the time at meet at’s. people will come up now and again with a yoyo and ask if I got a new string they can slap on. easiest way to pay for friends to throw with lol. As for old string I like string crafts and such and my daughter likes making friendship bracelets. see, either way my string is makin friends. ;D

That is an awesome idea, except I don’t think I have enough to make a worthy prize. And they are all random. And its hard to sell it. Like I have 8 yysl type x and 7 toxics etc. Maybe a pass it on thread?

Still enough, you never have enough string :slight_smile: Even just make it simple, like just a one throw thing, or Funniest yoyo Picture or somthing, give back to the community in someway

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Yeah I don’t throw out my string, instead I made a string ball! It’s actually gotten to descent size too.