What do u do with all your used, torn up, and knotted string ???

I’ve always wondered what all the other throwers did with all their yoyo string. Ball it ,make stuff? Throw it or eat it? Anything creative ? I feel like a big nasty string pile would be a good sign of a hard working thrower

Me? I throw it away… I’ve got cats I have to be careful!

I make a wasp net counterweight or give it to my sister so she can make brackets with the stuff.

I have a giant string ball…

Throw it away…




I have a drawer and I just put it there, when it gets big enough I’ll think of something creative to do with it ;D

Lawl ! That ball is pretty


I put it in a bag claiming one day I will do something with it haha


Recycle it


Same thing I do with the rest of my trash…put it in the trash can

They go in the trash. With how sweaty my hands get keeping the old strings would be like collecting used gym socks. :-X

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I just keep them in a big pile at the moment. I throw away some, but I try to keep it because you never know when you’ll need some spare string for something. It comes in handy. I’ve been thinking about making it into a ball, or something creative, just haven’t been able to think of something yet.

String Ball.

My goal:

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I will send you my used strings if they get to be part of that.

You can link tons of them together in the freehand counter-weight knot style. You can do tons of cool stuff with 50+ ft of string!!!