old strings

so what does every body do with your old strings?

I’m in to recycling. and I haven’t thrown away any of my old stings. I’m if there are any cool Ideas that youve come up with. I think I’m gonna have my gf make me a braclet or necklace.

String ball!


I made a counter weight with 5 or so

I notice that when you melt strings they resolidify as a somewhat hard plastic. I wonder if, had you enough strings, you could melt them all down and re-mould them into a yoyo.

I might try this actually. I have strings laying all over the place…

Saving them for a string ball

I made a 5A counterweight with some that turned out pretty cool.

I also made a decorative ball to hang near a lamp for shadow effects (sorry no pic but I’ll try to describe.) Under-inflate a balloon so it’s round; coat in petroleum jelly. Coat strings in mixture of 2 parts water, 2 parts elmers glue, one part corn starch. Wrap balloon with strings and let dry. Pop balloon! neato string ball.

I painted and clear-coated after that and it makes a cool hangy ball thing… smaller is better.

I make a waspnet counterweight.

everybody loces the string ball counterweight eh. might try thay.

This is just a suggestion. You could tie it with another string and make a really long string. Or you could start a style basicly like double dragon but with one string shorter than the other.

I have a string ball, it’s getting fairly big now

I remember like 4 years ago, kitty string had a contest where whoever sent in the most used strings after a year won a bunch of cool prizes like yoyos and stuff. I saved up my yoyo strings because of that but was too lazy to ship them in for the contest and now I have a few thousand used strings. I wonder if they still do that contest?