Old string uses


Like any yoyoer, ive got a wad of used string just sitting around. Are there any cool things i could do with them?


You could make bracelets out of them…

just other stuff like that.


I make a string ball with mine ;D


lol I do that too


Hey! Up here, we do that too, except with hockey tape! (true story)


Can i use a string ball as a counterweight? How many strings would make enough weight if so.


It’s not practical. String isn’t dense enough. You would have to have a pretty big ball, one that isn’t reasonable to play 5A with. A string ball the size of a counterweight barely weighs anything. However, you could probably get a Duncan Ball Counterweight, or a plastic/wood/metal ball counterweight, and glue or coat it in string or something.


Watever. I just want anotger counterweight cuz i lost mine (today). Hopefully itll show up.


I’ve seen string balls used as counterweights. I think they are soaked in epoxy or some sort of glue to give it weight.


Au contraire. I use a string ball counterweight that has a diameter of about 1.25 inches, and it works fine for me. Some of conventional 5a tricks are certainly next to impossible to do with the lightness (such as the Butterfly), but most are fine (at least in my limited experience, sorry I’m not much of a 5a expert). I’ve also found it has opened just as many doors as it closed. It’s fun to throw on a light counterweight and just start making stuff up.


You can use a set of washers or nuts around a hollow straw like piece and do the string around that. I’ve done that before and you get good weight with it and you can use a lot of string in the process.


You actually can.

So everyone who said he couldn’t, you’re wrong. Link above.


And just to clarify, the counterweight I use is PURE STRING, no washers or balls in the center or epoxy to keep it together.


Gosh, now I feel kinda bad about throwing all my used string away. I will probably start saving my new Expert Strings since I haven’t thrown any away yet.


This seems like a really good way to make a nice counterweight. Those ones Noonar linked also look really cool.


bracelet, keychain, yoyo holster, yoyo cozie, scarf, beanie, bag, sweater, hammock, etc…

Many things can be made with thread/rope.


oh yeah I made that! It helps if you use modge podge in stead of the glue and water mix when I used the other stuff it makes it heavier.


I have everything but the extra weight that you add on to the original tube. Can i get that at micheals?




Thanks! Ill get the clay. What brand should i get?