yoyo story / video on CNN.

this just popped up on CNN.  a 3 minute video of yo-yoing featuring Ben Conde.



His WYYC 2016 routine was sooo good! If only he had hit more of his bangers, he would have done so much better.

Pretty funny that he uses offstring yoyos for playing 1a.

I like his shirt! :wink:

I agree. But sitting upfront and watching his awesome performance had flaws, but was utterly amazing. He even was able to yoyo on the ground haha. Also, you think that using 4a yoyos would be easier to hit the string considering the huge gap?

That’s what I meant. He missed a lot of the difficult stuff he went for, but I really liked the style of it.

So cool you got to see it in person! One day…

Yeah it was really cool. He did indeed miss a lot of bangers, but his performance was great like you said.

I won’t be able to see it in person for 2017 though. It’s in Iceland which would cost a lot to travel there not to mention not being able to speak to anyone and having to buy outlet adapters. But in 2018 I am planning on going the Shanghai.

Its hard to find a person in Reykjavik that doesn’t speak English.

In that regard its a pretty great place to have an international event. Now, the price of beer and food on an Island on the other hand… that does bite the wallet a bit. Travel via Iceland Air is super affordable. Affordable AirBnB is all over Reykjavik too.

You don’t really need more than one outlet adapter either. :stuck_out_tongue: