yoyoing for team usa.

So i recently was on a trip with the USA junior track and field team in barcelona. I competed in the hammer throw, i got 10th there, thats not important though. During the trip there were lots of games and other activities that were used to help calm down the athletes during competition or to just give them something to do. They also had a talent show, luckily i brought my bag of yoyos :slight_smile: some kids went up, doing some neat things, then i got to showcase my yoyo skills. I started with walk to dog… classic trick that everyone knows. I completely forgot that a bind is trick in itself, and when i did it to get the yoyo back up to my hand everyone gasped a little. I was going to build up in difficulty with the tricks but i jumped right into it after that. I did simple tricks and complex ones, i messed up allot (never shown a group of nearly 50 people that i can yoyo before) but they all loved it anyways. I ended up getting second to a girl that did cheerleading stuff, but everyone told me afterwords that i should have won. The rest of the week was filled with me sharing my yoyos and teaching them a little about them. It was pretty fun, and im lucky i brought my yoyos or i wouldnt of had anything to do before i competed :stuck_out_tongue: anyways that is all i thought you guys would of liked that story.

That’s so cool! I love hearing stories like this!

And congrats on the talent show!

That’s pretty cool! Its weird for me because to normal folks I’m an almighty yoyo god, but to everyone else that yoyod I’m still somewhat of a beginner. Its also great that you found some people that enjoyed your yoyoing. :slight_smile:

Good story. It helps break things out a 2-dimensional thing and making every appear more rounded as people, not just athletes.

I like to throw a bit during breaks and before shows to help center and focus. I don’t need to calm down, I’m tech, I’m calm anyways. I just find yoyo a more enjoyable way to handle a few things. I’d still be fine without it, but I enjoy it better with the yoyo.

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thats exactly how i look at it. As an athlete im relaxing the day before a meet… its just more fun doing it with a yoyo :slight_smile:

Awesome yoyo story, but the fact that you have the opportunity to represent the USA at the Olympic level is moar awsumer! Did you get to see Michelle Jenneke? :wink:

well thank you! and yes i actually did haha. i met most of the australian team theyre some cool people!

Om my word this is sooo cool!!!

Did you lay the mac down?

Hahaha! Way to keep it clean. I would’ve asked if he laid down the tool with which he competes!

hahaha no unfortunately not :stuck_out_tongue: that would be… interesting however.