How to make your string smooth and improve string life

yey!!! feed back please!

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nice vid bro :smiley: i hav meets here in miami wish yall were down here it would b awsum sadly im almsot the last one down here :confused: but i never stop working at yoyoing so yes nice job bro :slight_smile:

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ya that would be cool haha. i thought i was the only one in oklahoma. i have been yoyoing for a year now . and i had never talked to anyone or met anyone in person that yoyos in oklahoma. untill i started looking. and now i have met a few people and we gona get a yoyo meet started haha. its awesome!! haha

lol cool bro r u going to worlds this year :)?

i only wish man. iv wanted to go to one for a while. i might go to next years tho. but i didnt really look into the costs and everything till like a month ago so now im savin up for next year haha

haha well dont wrry itll b cool to go its my first year so im exited XD

i bet haha. i would go into shock at all the yoyos!! lolzz

right XD im gunna hav a yoyoattack XD


hahaha clever creation of words and tricks i like it XD

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I like your video.
@Sniffyo on twitter

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thanks for the pointer. probably i wont be needing the glove for a while.

yup! glad i could help. it works well and the cone of it last a long time. =D

Good tip. What yoyo are you using?

one drop code 1. all day baby! haha

very good video. helped me a ton.

thanks man! glad i could help! =D