Yoyo Spintime

Hi everyone,

I started throwing about 2 months ago, with a Magicyoyo T5, and after a month got a YYF Edge (not out of necessity but because I had the money for it). I also recently purchased a YYF Horizon.

I now have a total of 3 yoyos and 5 bearings, 1 KK steel ball bearing, 2 Centertrac steel bearings, and 2 ceramic bearings.

When I first got the Edge I did a timed basic throw, and the yoyo stopped spinning after 4 minutes and 45 seconds. While actually doing tricks I was able to keep it spinning for about two minutes. I did this test again yesterday, and the yoyo span for about 90 seconds before stopping, and after 30 seconds during play.

This seems to have happened with the KK steel bearing, the older of the center trac bearings and both ceramic bearings. (Roughly the same reduction in spintime), I lubed the bearings properly, and I have tried several times to clean them in mineral spirits, but with no change to be had.

I realize that this is usually a problem of keeping the yoyo in the same plane during play, but that doesn’t really explain the reduced spin time outside of active play ???

Any input would be appreciated.

P.S. In case it’s relevant, I was doing the first half of kamikaze using the Edge. It’ll get through the first half, but only part way through the second.

Did you do the string twisting method to balance the yoyo? because if not then the spin time is pretty much a gamble. You are supposed to hold the string close to the yoyo, then twist it one way or the other when the yoyo is spinning to balance it out, keeping the string from touching the body. If you don’t do this then if the string is just a little off center or is slightly twisted (string tension not neutral), the yoyo will tilt sooner or later. This will in turn kill the spin time because the string is touching the body.

That being said, the way you lube the bearing might affect spin time. Basically more lube means less spin time. To check if your bearing is clean, tug the yoyo when it’s spinning, if the string doesn’t get pulled/rolled at all then it’s totally clean. If the string rolls slightly but the yoyo doesn’t return to your hand it’s either lubed or dirty. If it returns when you tug it back then it has too much lube, either clean it or play it for a while until it breaks in.
Personally I rarely use lube for unresponsive play, when I do it’s very very little, like wet a needle with the lube then touch the balls, or just play it dry.


You may have added too much lube to the bearing. It’ll slow it down until the lube breaks down.

On a side note, you only started yo-yoing 2 months ago, don’t worry about spin time right now, any bearing that a yoyo comes with these days is going to work just fine for you, or any professional for that matter. Really differences in bearings are subtle, and only really going to be seen after you have some more experience :slight_smile: