Yoyo Scientific


I am excited to announce that my project, Yoyo Scientific, has came to fruition. The project seeks to coalesce my love of yoyoing and science. Prototypes have been made and production of the first run has begun. Here is information about the yoyo:

The triple point of a pure substance is the temperature and pressure at which the substance can be in three phases of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. This yoyo acts in a similar way. It has the properties of many types of yoyos. It is not at any extreme of the yoyo spectrum, making the yoyo balanced in its abilities, a jack of all trades. It is the Triple Point of yoyos.

Triple Point Specs:
7075 Aluminum
Diameter: 55.47 mm
Width: 41.85 mm
Gap Width: 4.34 mm
Weight: 68g
Pads: 19 * 14* 1.2 mm
Bearing: Size C
Axel: m4*8
Expected Price: $80

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({John15}) #2

Cool man! What a neat concept this is


Woooow!!! I’m interested!!


That looks like a really fun yoyo to play.

Well done.

(Gethin) #5

Looks cool! Best of luck!

(Mark) #6

It looks good! What were your design inspirations? And… how is it at fingerspinning?


The design was influenced by many yoyos, the main ones were these: curvy donut man, rec rev 1st gen octave, grind machine 2 and G5. Over time the shape changed quite a bit as I wanted to round it out, minimizing sharp edges on the profile.

This is by no means a beginner finger spin yoyo. There is a bowl for finger spins. It works very well if you understand the basics already. I would equate it to about a yyf horizon for finger spins: it’s good, but doesn’t do the work for you.

(ClockMonster) #8

I really like the minimalist design and the rounded edges. It is so clean and elegant.

I’d love to see a subsequent model that is just like this but with the outer half of the cup pushed out to the edges more for more rim weight, while retaining that same lovely organic bulge emerging from the response. I guess I’m thinking of something a little less segmented-O and a tiny bit more H, if you get what I mean.


The yoyo actually has a pretty decent amount of rim weight, but I appreciate any thought people have :blush:


Smoke and mirrors. I don’t believe it plays worth a crap. Sounds like a bunch of hot air and malarkey.

I’ve seem better looking yoyos at Walmart. Probably really made of recycled pot metal. I bet the bearing is horrible.

Low enthusiasm here. I’m sure not a ‘follower’. We’ve both been around for years… I always knew you were up to something🤔

If that is a real deal; step; be Bold; show proof, sell me 2!

I will then; be able to separate fact from fantasy.

Otherwise it’s just a fairy tale…

The line in the sand is drawn…

You got a lot a nerve…

I don’t buy it until I try it so I’ll buy it and then try it and then I’ll knew if it is ‘it’ or if it is sh…?


I would love to hear your thoughts (good or bad) on it after you have actually tried one. I feel like I have always been a good, genuine forum member. Perhaps that is not how I have came across to you. As I read this comment, I’m not sure if it is sarcasm or you truly think this way about the yoyo and me. The yoyo was manufactured by FPM, which is a very well know manufacturer. I stand by the product saying it is of great quality.


Looks very comfortable,and at 68gms will generate a lot of spin power I’ll bet.

It’s wonderful when someone brings their ideas to execution.

(ClockMonster) #13

68g seems a little heavy to me, especially given it is made from 7075 which makes thinner walls easier to obtain. I am left to conclude that the extra heft is a deliberate aspect of its design.


My favorite yoyos all weigh around 68 grams, therefore I wanted this yoyo to weight around that.



My post was completely fabricated to give you a free bump and to pretend I could not believe your yoyo was any good until you let me buy a few.

It’s called a cryptic message.

Obviously you didn’t get it.

I’m sure it’s going to be Great.

Apologies to you and anybody else that doesn’t appreciate or understand low grade humor that actually has good intentions …

Think of it??? I offered to ‘Buy 2’.

If I really meant it was probably lame; why would I want to buy 2?



I would say 'I’ll trade you one for one of my wooden unresponsives, but my best guess is that the answer would be no. :sweat_smile:


Currently no, but maybe in due time. I have plenty of money into this project currently. I can’t do stuff for person yoyo gains at this point :joy:


I appreciate that Doc! I have 0 sarcasm meter. I can be sarcastic but interpreting it doesn’t always happen :smile:

(Mark) #19

The response pad dimensions actually made me suspect this. :smile: I really enjoyed working with w them. Are you planning more colorways?


Currently a magenta and Aruba blue are being made. FPM do a great job! People ask about response pad specifics a lot so I thought I would list as much information as I had :slightly_smiling_face: