Yoyo Scientific

(Mash Mastar) #21

I like the way you think! PM me.


Currently working on a Facebook account for another way to stay in contact!

({John15}) #23

It looks like a brother or distant cousin of the OD Mantis, spec wise. Which is one of my most favorite yoyos on the planet


Well then this is worth a try! I’ve never used the OD mantis, but I may need to look into it.


One of the best profiles I’ve ever seen. Very clean and elegant. Most impressively, it somehow manages to be unique. YYJ Destiny is the closest profile I can think of, and yet the Triple Point is quite different.

Nice design!

({John15}) #27

Nice jade and African violet, too :wink:


Thanks! The jade started from a single leaf and is maybe 10 years old!


For those interested, I posted a challenge on Instagram. If the post gets 30 likes, I will do a giveaway of 1 prototype!


We were a couple likes away, but it’s the season of giving, so I decided to start up the prototype giveaway on Instagram today! Thanks for all of those supporting me already! It is greatly appreciated! :blush:

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #31

Great job on designing that yoyo btw! It seems really fun.


Where on instagram? link?


@yoyoscientific should get you there! :blush:




Thank you!


Triple Points all ready to go! :slightly_smiling_face:



(Mk1 Yoyos) #38

Got to try one (navy blue) at the Orlando Yoyo club. Plays nice and fingerspins just fine - easier than the other bowl-shaped yoyos I’ve tried. The shape is really intriguing. Good work on this!


Thank you so much for the kind words. Honestly made my day! I’m hoping to get them in the hands of more people.


I want to propose an opportunity and gage the interest. I want more people to try the Triple Point. I have one that has pretty bad ano flaws and one that has pinpricks. These two i wont be attempting to sell on my website, but they both play well. To the point:

Who would be interested in getting to try the Triple Point out for 1 week, then pay the shipping to the next person who wants to try it with no other costs included?

I would ask for the following:
-continental US only
-Your address sent as a pm to me
-comment “Im interested”
-at least one person must be able to “rep check” you by commenting you are trustworthy from a previous trade with the person
-you only use the yoyo over carpet or a rug to minimize damage
-send me the tracking number after you ship the yoyo to the next person (i will send you their address when the time comes)

If anyone sees something wrong with the plan, please point it out!

So who is interested?

(Jacob Waugh) #41

You may want to say that you want to know if they are going to lube the bearing, change pads, unscrew it in general, or flip the axle?