Yoyo Routine

I am performing a Yoyo routine tomorrow, and I have no idea what to do.
Here are my good tricks I know:
(Mach 5)(Split The Atom)(Barrel Rolls)(Matrix)(Boingy Boing)(Gondola/Monorail)(Kwyjibo)(McBribe)(Buddha’s Revenge)(Kamikaze)(Wrist Mount)(Ripcord)(Suicide)(Black Hops)

What order should I do them in. I use a Dark Magic II yoyo and I can combo probably 3 tricks in a row. My performance is 5 minutes long I belive. Any thoughts?

*This is not a contest, I am doing this in front of a class

do the hard trick first then the flashy tricks second then easy third finshined with a favortie type of bind

If you want a big reaction you should learn Seasick, that trick looks amazing, especially to Muggles.

new term for none throwers: Muggles at it to the yoyo dictionary