Yoyo render dump..

So guys its been awhile since i’ve been active here so i doubt any of you will remember me. I’ve currently been working on yo yo design and have built up quite a collection of designs and I decided to come back here to show you all.

Keep in mind most of the are sketch up ideas and are very unlikely of reaching production. Also feel free to follow my Instagram where i have posted most of these designs @ramshacklethrowdesign.

This first one is known as booger… This is not a string trick design but was an idea of mine using Magnesium to create a long sleeping yoyo.

This is rim project nine. This was an idea of mine to try to design a super wide yoyo that would be somewhat balanced. The idea ended up failing and it is an unusable yoyo.

This is another sleeper design using 7075 Aluminium and Steel fitted rings. This design is not made for string tricks but to get the longest spin I can.

This is the Slartibartfast. This was a more of an organic design then my previous finished design. This yoyo is currently in development.

This was my first bimetal design. I didn’t want it to be like the other designs having a more V shape so i tried for something a bit more organic and I love the way this turned out.

This is an unnamed project I have had on my computer for some time. I was trying to do a little more the cup here other then a basic spike or bowl.

This is an almost complete organic shape that i have pretty much completed. It is called the anomaly and may one day be machined should I find the money to do so.

These are all the designs for now. Ill post more later if I have the time and if people are interested. Please do not tell me to make certain designs as it is up to my wallet and my preference to see which design will be machined if any.

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love your designs bro

thank you

I love the designs especially the bi metal.

some of those renders looks reallly comfy to hold

One Slartibartfast please.

I got the slartis in and they play pretty well… Not quite my style but still pretty good.

Maybe give the long spinning one V5 Catch Parts? I don’t know the creator, ask him though.

Anomaly looks great