YoYo Recommendations

I currently throw a MagicYoYo N5 Desperado, and I really like it, but I want to get a yoyo that I’ll be able to progress with, and learn beginner to advanced tricks, preferably unresponsive and metal. Suggestions?

Budget? A Desperado should be fine for a while.

The desperado should be fine for just that. Look into the other magic yos. Idk your budget but you could look into some One drops or CLYW

I’m new to the yoyo community, what does CLYW Stan for?

Its the name of the company. Used to stand for Caribou lodge yoyo works. Now the official name is just CLYW. Check it out on the shop section of the site, also look for g- squared yoyos. They have amazing designs.

Thanks! I’ll look them up!

No problem, I highly recommend g-squared. If you have the cash, go for it. PM me if youre seriously interested in picking something up from them.

Maybe a c3 like the Di base? I love my Di Base smooth and has a low walls which are great for grinds!

I’m pretty much a beginner with unresponsives and also metal yoyos, would a Gsquared be good for a beginner?

If youre a beginner you probably wanna take smaller steps, but if you have the commitment and the money, why not? If youre looking for a first metal, there are so many options out there. di base ive heard is good. The dv888 is often overlooked nowadays since its a slightly older model but its great too. B grades are good to look for if you can pic some up at contests too.

Sorry, forgot you already had a metal. The desperado should take you pretty much as far as you can go really. Any modern yoyo should take you very far.

Thank you very much! This was very helpful and clarifying!

The N5 should get you as far as you’ll ever need, but if you really want a competition upgrade you can get a T5. :-X