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Hey guys. I need some help with deciding on a new yo-yo. Right now I only have two yo-yos that are good enough for some master tricks on the site(Dark Magic, and FreeHand 2). I’ve been thinking about upgrading for a while now, and I’ve looked at some YYJ bi-metals(namely the New Breed and Atmosphere) and metals, Duncan Screaming Eagles, and YYF FundaMetals. I’m not extremely picky, and I’m more than willing to try something new(mostly because I might get my first metal).

So… I’m basically looking for an upgrade from my current throws. Post away your suggestions!
(And please don’t forget to explain why. ;))

Wait for a campfire…

Why? Because CLYW is awesome. :smiley:

Really, I’d just try one of the fundametals. Mainly the Dv888 or Hectic.

Good first time metals, and can do anything you throw at it.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m gonna be doing for the next few weeks. I can’t buy anything because I’m saving up for something else. But I did decide to upgrade yo-yos because my two throws are getting a bit old for me.

Anyway. I guess I’ll also take a look at the CLYW yo-yos when they come. The Campfire is really catching my eye.

you may like a bully, its just like a dm, heavy with flat rims, its my fave throw.

as for clyw ive never been a fan of their yoyos, the main reason being that the smoothness can be hit or miss. for example i bought an ogo bvsm on yyn and it was dead smooth then i traded it and got another ogo in a trade, it had vibe, its not a bad vibe but enough to annoy me, the same thing happened with my peak. in my opinion if i spend that much on a yoyo i expect a smooth yoyo and i donn want to spend my money on something that MAY be smooth.

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P2 or BOSS. P2 mainly to try something new, flat rims, ridges, cliff at the TG area, you get the point. Also its super smoooooth and you get the pick the color of each half :D. BOSS because it’s…well…BAAWWSSS. And because it plays amazingly well also.

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Yeah I’d go for the Dv88 or P2. Dv888 because its just a great all round yoyo, I’m in the expert 2 section and it can do everything i can throw at it (even the ground, seriously i smashed this thing on hard concrete by accident and its still going, some vibe, but still great). Or you can go for the P2. I’ve heard a lot about the P2 being super smooth and all so I’d take a look at that. Something different.

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I’d go New Breed. Or if you want something small, Atmosphere. If you just want a good player that is all you need. If you want something dead smooth then go a metal. Duncan, YYF, CLYW, Vs.Newton, YYJ, SPYY, BBYY… there’s really no limit. You might want to start off with something cheaper though, but an expensive one works too (it’s just more expensive).

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the dark magic is a lot different than the bully. the bully is a smoother throw and a different shape. they are both good yoyos but i think the bully is better.

thats not what i meant, i meant it as not a big change like what i did, i went from my dm to an m1 and it was a HUGE change in size the bully is better imo its just not as drastic a change

There’s not really much more similar in form of metal though.

I agree that you should go for a Dv888. It is a good comfortable metal to start with. Its small, but not too small, which plays a big importance when getting your first metal.

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Remember, I have a few weeks before I can get another throw. Any and all suggestions are helpful!


It is amazing. I would be all over one if I had the money. It has a really comfortable shape, great surface for grinds, and is just an amazing yoyo for the price!

After you get one, you don’t really need another yoyo. It can do everything you need it to do.

You won’t be disappointed, the MayheM is amazing!

dv888 all the way. Great price, and an amazing throw. If you bought it, you’d love it. Once you start throwing metals (like a dv888) it is a whole new experience. YEah… definetly a dv888.

Or you could be a nonconformist and use High-End Plastics/Metal Rimmed Yo-Yo’s like me.

If you can get a hold of a Cream, it’s like throwing Metal, 'cept it’s not.

Come on, Conform to nonconformity! :smiley:

Hehe, yeah. I know that I don’t need anything besides my DM, but I feel that I need to try something new. As much as I love my DM, it’s getting a bit old for me.

On a related note, how does a PGMv2 play? Does it really feel like you’re throwing a metal? And how does it compare to a Counter Attack?

Or you could wait for the one drop dingo.

Or the tantic

Or the skywalker.

These all look great, but if you want it now and cheap any fundametal or the M1 is great.  If you have time check out the BST of here or YYN.

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