Upgrade/choose brand?

I started yo-yoing a few months ago, started with mosquito, then duncan FH Zero, then splurged on YYJ Revolution (for the most part, I love it). I’m itching to add to my collection/upgrade & can’t decide whether to stay with YYJ or try out a new brand. Currently, I’m looking at the DM 2, or the New Breed. Binding skills are good, have learned up to about half of the Advanced Part 2 tricks. Not ready to go over the $50 price range just yet… any suggestions or feedback appreciated!


go with the yyf dv888 or get a xcon vict they are really good and whats your preferences

Thanks for the response…
I actually did look at the dv888… and I think I’m too new to things to really know what my preferences are!

The Dv888 is an all around great yoyo for your first metal. It is truly a great throw, and with the price at $44, there is no way you cannot have one. It was my first metal too, and it plays just as good as any metal out there. Definitely try other brands.

OK. great suggestion. So in a nutshell, what differences will I feel with an all metal like the 888 vs a plastic and metal like the revolution or new breed?

It will feel more solid and heavy.

Haha… Dv888 out of stock… just my luck!