Which yoyo to upgrade to next?

Im currently using a used hitman which I purchased from someone here, on the forums. I’ve been very pleased with it and am thinking of getting myself a brand new yo yo seeing as i’ve stuck with it for several months now and would like to keep practicing new tricks and what not. Im looking for a yoyo thats primary focus is string tricks. Once I master my houdini mount i’ll be practicing those tougher string tricks. I’ve gotten my bind returns down for the most part. Right now im looking at primarily yoyo jam yoyo’s, seeing as they pack quite a punch for 40 bucks. I hear dark magic is a great yoyo, I was also looking at convict and new breed. But not quite sure which one would be the best for intermediate to advanced string play. I also got a kk bearing on my hitman and as far as I know most of the bearing sizes on these yoyos are the same and I would be able to xfer it over to a new yoyo am I correct?

Anyways any advice would be much appreciated


I guess an Atmosphere would be good.

Your Hitman with that KK Bearing is practically good enough to last you for a while. Though if you truly insist on upgrading and want that long spin time and to truly test your bind returns then go for a New Breed. I’ve heard great reviews about it but it seems to be really noisy because Eric Koloski mainly uses it and you can hear the bearing over the loud blaring music.

Though, if you want (just saying) you can add another 10 bucks and try out an undersized metal like the Dingo. IMO, I’m just saying that an upgrade isn’t necessary but the New Breed seems to fit your taste.

Those choices aren’t really upgrades. They’re just different yoyos that you can choose to get if you wish. They won’t really be any better, just different. The Hitman you have can give you way more sleep time than you would ever need.

hes right i would recommend a full metal or a protostar if you want a plastic but if you want a half plastic and half metal then the only thing i can say to get would be a new breed but it wont be much different than the hitman. :-\ go with something truly different :wink:

Actually, the Hitman and New Breed are very different. And as far as I’m concerned, a metal isn’t an upgrade either, nor is a plastic a downgrade. They all play very well and can handle anything you throw at them.


Any good metals in the 50-60ish range? I would love a metal but im pretty sure the majority of note worthy ones are upwards of 70$ and at this time I can’t really afford to spend that much.

I had a maverick, and I wanted an upgrade. So I asked some people what yoyos are reccomended, and they told me to get a dv888, atmosphere, or recrev ‘i’. I went with the Atmosphere. I was pretty unimpressed with it, and my maverick (with a cleaned bearing) was way better than the Atmosphere. So that was a long time ago… NOW, I have a bunch more yoyos. One of those is a dv888, and I really love it. I wish I had gone with one of those back when I was looking for a new yoyo. You should probably look at one of those, and at least see if you might want to get one of those. Mine plays as well as my Skyline in general, its more stable though, but it doesn’t sleep as long. Thats just my opinion though. You might like different things than me.

I would get a Kickside. You will go well with them, or a Legacy. If you are going to get a metal for $60, definitely get a Yoyofactory FundaMETAL. You can’t go wrong with them, and they offer great playability. :wink:

For a metal, check the forums. You can get some for less than 60 bucks there. I suggest looking for a tactic. they sell for $45-$60 on the forum if you can find them

any fundametal would be good if you want to try a metal yoyo. those go for around $60 and are all great. they are yoyofactory and they all end in a 'tic. tactic, lunatic, frantic, hectic, Dv888, Chaotic.

if you want to try something cheaper and just try a new shape or size, go for a yoyojam metal plastic highbred. they are mostly around $40 and most very different. they are the plastic ones with metal rings, like your hitman.

i would also say protostar, pgm, dingo, recrev i, or a crucial yoyo.

i have a pgm and its awesome and seeing that u alreayd have a hitman then there is no use getting a new breed or x-con but id go with somthign more advanced like a dv888 or is u want a plastic forsure get either a PGM v2 or protostar

So you’re saying a PGM or Protostar is more advanced than a metal-rimmed yoyo? Seems odd to me. (Any of the yoyos mentioned thus far in the topic and most that will be mentioned will all be great. Yours the choice is.)

If you are looking for metal, there are a lot of metals that are very cheap.

For example, the RecRev products.
The No. 9 is $40 and plays very awesome.
So yeah…

I’m just saying that there are some yoyos that are cheaper than the Fundametals.

true, i got my recrev i for $25 (that is half priced though). i regret trading it too.

yours the choice is young skyywalker

hitman with ceramic bearing

Why ceramic? The stock bearing is fantastic.

YYJ stock bearings are awesome