Yoyo recommend for advance play

What is the best yoyo you recommend for a advance player ? And why?

I don’t know if you’re asking this for interest or because you need some help.

U recommend yoyos according to their preferences.

This is a Yoyofactory Velocity. It is a relatively cheap plastic yoyo that was usually recommended as a good beginners yoyo to start learning the basics and transition into unresponsive play.


This is Jensen Kimmitt… doing crazier things on said Velocity than a lot of people could do on the most expensive and “best” high-end metal throw.

I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson here today.

I agree the velocity really helped me with the transition from beginner to intermediate, but I think the SHUTTER is the best bang for ur buck

Ok I think my point may have been somewhat missed. Apologies for not clarifying originally.

I wasn’t touting the Velocity, I’ve never played one and for all I know it’s probably not that great. I was proving the point that there is no “best yoyo for an advanced player”, and than an “advanced player” can do most of the stuff they could on a high end metal that they could on pretty much any yoyo. Granted, there are certain throws (such as the velocity) that are recommended for beginners, but once you move onto fully unresponsive play it matters very little what yoyo you actually use.

Pick one you like the look of and that is the size and shape that you want. Job done.

I think the word “best” needs to be banned from these forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup! Once you get past the $10-$20 plastics most yoyos are decent. It mostly becomes personal preference at that point. Of course, the higher dollar throws are exceptionally smooth.

When I’m thinking about buying, I have a list if specs that are important to me to start from. Like:

around 52mm X 43mm, H-shape, 64-66 grams, $50-$100, pretty - for example.

That narrows down the choices quite a bit. I know enough about my play style and preferences that anything that fits that description will be decent.

Just get a Protostar. Can’t go wrong there.

Nooo skip the protostar, add 15$ and get a shutter. It is great.

Noooo skip the shutter, add $10 and get a benchmark.

We can do this all day! Haha

yes get a benchmark they are the biggest bang for your buck for now there just $60

Tropic Spins Capricorn :wink:

Nooo add 40$ get a capricorn.

Just wanted to say this, you don’t have to recommend an advanced yoyo to an advanced player because advanced players should know what they’re talking about.

Prism beats the Shutter. It’s stabler with more spin times, but not quite as fast or good at grinds.

personal preference

add like $200 and get a draupnir lol

Add 400$ and get a dazzler.


But really with today’s yoyo market you really can’t go wrong with most unresponsive throws. Almost all non-responsive yoyos are fine for “advanced play”, but having that high quality metal throw can just be nice to have once you actually know what you’re doing. Just get what looks good to you and you’ll probably be fine.

heck you can do fine with a low quality unresponsive throw lol

Jensen became a world champion on a 35$ northstar.