yoyo recomendations??

Hi, im looking for a new yoyo… i can do all begginer tricks and most of the intermediate tricks…i use a pocket pros zombie right now and i was wondering if i should get a new yoyo and what kind…i was thinking to get a yoyojam revolution because that would be pretty good for 1a ( which is what what i do mostly ) and it will last me a long time before i get a new yoyo…

please dont give me like a billion recomendations…2 at the most please…

The revolution or northstar both are great yoyos and should last you a long time

Do you have preferences?
Can you bind?
Price range?

If you give us those, this will help us help you.

bind? uhh idk what that is

pice range 45$ max if its insane yoyo

Binding is returning an unresponsive yoyo. I would continue to use the yoyo you have until you can bind, or at least have an idea of binding. If not, you should go for a Yoyojam Dark Magic 2, a Revolution (also by yoyojam) or a Yoyofactory velocity. All of these have ways of switching between responsive and unresponsive.

ya i know what binding is…but i dont get your question?

Get a Duncan Drifter.

The best choices are the yoyojams with solid spin axle. They come with 2 bearings one responsive and another unresponsive.

YYJ SpinFactor X
YYJ Revolution
YYJ Dark Magic II

his asking if you can do it