Binding question

Hello, my name is Standa and I’m new to yoyoing. I bought my first yoyo last friday and it’s Duncan Flying Squirrel so I’m “playing” for five days. Now i can do almost all of intermadiate tricks and I want to start trying advanced part 1, but my yoyo doesn’t spin long enough because stickers slows it down so i put them away but now i have to bind the yoyo. I’m trying it for nearly one day and it starts to go well (yoyo returns back to my hand) but it doesn’t wind up strong enough so next sleeper is realy slow and i can’t bind it again and i have to do tripple bind… Is it only my low skill or is it a yoyo because in videos anyone do classic or double bind and the yoyo litteraly shoots back… I’m doing normal sleeper and than bind from trapeze.

And sorry for my english if there are any mistakes

Did you take out All Of The Friction Stickers? If So, Then Put One Of The Stickers Back In. It will give You a Tight bind


It is much better and the throw after the bind can be same strong as previous one. I just have another one question… Should I buy better yoyo or is this one enough to do tricks up to expert part and still do it smooth? because this one seems to me a little unbalanced and when I do tricks like atomic bomb it sometimes really slows down because of string in gap…

I will be tougher to do more advanced tricks if the gap is too small, this slows the yoyo down too much. You should still be able to most of the advanced tricks with it if you work on a harder throw.

Ok i’ll keep practice. My longest spin is for about 1min5sec± what do you think about it with this yoyo? And by the way what do you think about Duncan FS? It looks little unbalanced to me… Do you have any experience with it?

honestly, FS is nice, but I would grab a yoyojam dark magic. GREAT throw.

Yep I’m thinking of it. It is REALY nice yoyo and I think DM would last realy long because it is one of the best…And i could change from resposive to unresponsive…Maybe at the end of the holidays i’ll buy it. And of course André uses it in his videos so if I could not do any trick it is me not a yoyo :smiley:

he does use a concave bearing in it i dont know what size it needs but i did own it and it’s great, I recommend it with a concave bearing otherwise i had a lot of trouble.

You Could Also get a Jk. I Bought One And It is very stable. Almost no Vibe And Its Metal And Its Unresponsive

A yoyo with no response system is impossible to come back up properly. (Of course this is not true under extreme circumstances). You have to have a response system in there.

How a bind works is that it make the string curl up there, then let the string grip the response system. No response system, no grip. No grip is like driving a car over air. Won’t work.

I would recommend getting a new yoyo if your planning to get all the way to advanced, as it is easier to learn on more “availed” yoyo’s such as DM2.

Yeah I know, you can do any trick on _____ yoyo, but if you think about it, it is easier to LEARN on some others.

There IS response system. There is starburst system… Maybe it is too small.

Yep I probably will buy it.

The Dark Magic is an Oversized Yoyo and If I Remember Correctly, The Flying Squirrel Is Undersized. I Would suggest the Jk because it is undersized. Or Try A Raptor. The New Breed Is Very Similar To the Dark magic Except The Plastic Is Made For Grinding. But Whatever Yoyo you choose, You Can’t Go Wrong

Well FS it seems really small so I think DM will be good enough.

Forget the DM or DMII and get a Starlite. It’s less expensive and IMO a far superior throw.