My First Yo-Y0


Hello, I have been yo-yoing for about a month and i flew through the beginner and intermeidate trick portions. I was using a duncan mosquito, it couldnt handle the advanced tricks at all so i got to looking. I orderd a black Dark Magic and some green string, i havent gotten the yo-yo yet, but have heard some pretty good things, but i wanted to know if i orderd a yo-yo to advanced for me and also some tips for a good upkeep on it.

                                               Thanks Kotyk

(Shisaki) #2

Well if you know how to bind then no, if you dont know how to bind then yes.


that yoyo is still good if you cant bind it can be unresponsive then when you tighten up the gap it is responsive so you got a good yoyo

(JackG) #4

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as said alredy if you cant bind it is too advanced

(SR) #5

No, the yo-yo you ordered is fine. i have one and it’s great. You can set it to be responsive or unresponsive. Good choice, you will love it.


Great choice in the yoyo, you will be fine with it. Once you break it in it will require binds though.

(JM) #7

The DM is in my opinion a great yo to learn how to bind. If you can do the intermeidate tricks, binding will be a snap.


Thanks for the input, but what about upkeep?


Its a nice yoyo, a good choice. It was the first yoyo I ever used, and there certainly wasn’t anything about it that made it hard to learn, quite the opposite. Not much upkeep really.


I personally like Duncan yo yos and i prefer not to bind. I think its a waste of time when you could just tug.

(Shisaki) #11

Ummm…once you get into harder yoyo tricks your yoyo will snap back at you and responsive yoyoe dont spin as long as unresponsive…

(SR) #12

Yes, but as you become more advanced, you will need to bind.


For upkeep, just change strings. I don’t know what else to say except lube your bearing once in awhile. That’s a long while too. If it’s not repsonsive enough put THICK lube on the bearing and if you want it more unresponsive, use THIN lube on the bearing.

(Shisaki) #14

Yep, I bet no one can do a hidemasa hook with a responsive yoyo.


You will never need to bind. Unresponsive play is just more ideal for new school tricks, but you don’t need unresponsiveness.

I can do lacerations fine with a responsive yo-yo. It just takes some skill and practice, I suppose.


Thanks for the help guys i should get the yoyo when i get hopme form my job i orderd it tuesday i go home late friday.


One more thing, try to not hit on concrete. I have a YYE DM and I let a few freinds try it out. They aren’t knowledged yoyoers and they hit the concrete hard a few times and walked the dog on it too. What that does is scratch the yoyo up. For a regular DM I don’t think it’s so noticable but on mine it is. Either way, those chips and scratches will hurt your hand. ;D

(Shisaki) #18

Actually its noticeable on any DM because the aluminum rings are the all raw so its the same.


but its still noticeable and can really hurt your hand for grinds


I can. I can do brent stoles and hooks with a tug responsive velocity. I believe that lacerations were invented on a responsive yoyo.