Yoyo recomendatio for me!

Can anyone recomend a 1A plastic Yo-yo with metal rims, ball bearings, and a place where i can buy it from for sale? one that is actually in stock please, jajaja :slight_smile:


Hello and Welcome to the forums. Would you mind telling me what you prefer? Small or Normal sized. I would look at the yoyos here at yoyoexpert. It would be glad to give you a recommendation but I need more information in what you’re looking for in a yoyo.

Also, this should be in general posts not in that trade forums. :wink:

Sorry I though that since it was about buying a yoyo it would be ok here.
I’m looking for a yoyo with long sleeping time, normal size, no color preference. I did look through this site’s yoyos but didn’t really find one that i liked, and the ones I did like were out of stock.
Thanks again.

a kickside might be good for you then.good sleep times and normal sized,I like mine!

He said plastic with metal rims lol.

Ok. Long sleep times are dependent on your throw. For a normal sized yoyo, have you looked at the Dark Magic? Its a good yoyo. I think we might have another shipment soon…I hope.


I would recommend that you know how to bind. If you know how, then thats terrific.

Compliments of the site.

hmm…I thought the Dark Magic is a Over sized yoyo ???

But for a normal sized I would recommend the YYJ Hitman or X-convict ( both are the same just only the shape differs). Both have a long spinning ball bearing in them like all YYJ yoyos do. (just keep practicing your straight and strong throws). Both you can buy here at YoYoEXPERT

Hitman: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/hitman/

X-convict: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/x-convict/

Just pick whick kind of shape do you like most.

just dont forget to have fun  ;D

It may be? I if the DNA is a “normal sized” yoyo then the Dark Magic is normal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yes, the Dark Magic is most like what I want. But it’s out of stock.

Is that so?

Yeah binding, well I’m bearly a bigginer. I’m still learning intermediate tricks, but I want a better, more durable yoyo than the one I have. In any case I’ll keep serching and I’m going to take a look at that kickside.

Thanks people, whoever you are. jaja

The DM might work out for you. But I wouldn’t say that that YYJ metal-rimmed yoyos are a lot more durable than YYJ celcon yoyos. If you are already into intermediate tricks, the Speed Maker and Lyn Fury are also great choices. You might also want to check out the Yoyofactory Velocity, it is a very adjustable yoyo that will grow with you and if you are on your way towards binding, it is a great choice. But if you want to go on to metal-rimmed, go ahead, they are great yoyos and they all have their different qualities.

Addment: When it comes to th “where to get?” question, there is one logic answer: Buy here, you will find most YYJs here.

OK thanks a lot
will look into them

Yeah. You will want to learn how to bind first or get thick lube if you get a bi-metal. Also, the Speed Maker and Lyn Fury is a good choice for you if you are just starting. They will get you far. I have the Speed Maker and I really like the feel of it.

i know how to bind, its pretty easy, yeah i might get one of those
thanks people

get a mini moyu they rock

Its not full-sized.

Also, the Dark Magic is over-sized. The term has been thrown around loosely lately, and they all have the same meaning as “large” when refer to normal sized, full-sized, over-sized. etc.

Well, if you want $50 and under, I would say Hybrid Hitman, X-ConVict, Sigma Blade Zwei, Speeder, or Dark Magic. If you don’t care how much you spend, DNA, eight8eight, SuperStar, G5. (G5 is AMAZING!!!)