I'm ready to buy: Which one?

Hey guys, I was hoping to get some expert advice. I’m lookin at the Atmosphere, Dark Magic, Legacy, and Counter attack.(any other I don’t know about?) I currently have the Yoyojam Sirius
and I love it. I get 32 secs of play. But I’m hoping to upgrade to longer play time. I’m obviously not looping so MY REQUIREMENTS are minimal. I want something similar to the sirius. I’d like it to have concave or atleast compatible bearing, heavy, and long play for advanced string tricks, UNRESPONSIVE, and that’s it. I’m not too picky about mods right now although I don’t prefer dif-pads and maintenance unless it’s above the rest. I can adapt. I’ve searched here, youtube , and elsewhere.
Please help me out as I’m getting back into this fun creative sport. Price? whatever- 75 and less. I’m not shopping for price though I’m shopping for product. Thanks for your time!!

Maybe you should RE-READ MY QUESTION!! Before posting. Instead of trying to be a smart guy. I could very easily tell you all the info you want to know but right now I don’t care as said above. Your post is a joke… I’f you can’t give a proper answer with the info I’ve provided then don’t…

I would suggest any metal-rimmed YYJ, but especially the Dark Magic, if you want a similar shape and size. If you want something very different, maybe an X-ConVict or one of the YYF FundaMetals.

I suggest that you drop down on your attitude. You are acting rude, which isn’t going to help you at all if you are looking for ‘expert advice’. If you are looking for ‘expert advice’ you should answer the questions.

Most yoyos at your price point will give you more than enough sleep time (your Sirius should do the same actually). You can also upgrade to metal if you want to. If so, look into the One Drop M1 and YYF’s Fundametal line. Great yoyos for the price.

Also, practice your throw, the Sirius should give you more spin time than you need.


Well I apologize, but I’ve seen previous people asking for help and people come back asking a million questions and that’s why I worded my question the way I did with minimal requirements. I just thought it was an insult. Advice taken. Thanks… My throws great!

Here’s the thing Sultzer. All of the yo-yos that you mentioned will be exactly what you want them to be. In fact, they are all great yo-yos for even a master level player. A question like “which of these should I get, I have no preferences?” can be just as frustrating to us as Matthew’s post was for you.

In all honesty, the format of your original post is difficult to follow and took me a few reads to understand exactly what you want. The questions Matthew posted are for the benefit of everyone, it makes it very easy for us to see what you like, and make recommendations.

Moving on to your question: If you would like something with a similar feel/size/weight to the SIRIUS then I would say the YYJ X-conVict is for you. Similar shape, very close to the same weight, and it sports the same response.

The only concerns me about this is that you say you only get 32 seconds of play out of your SIRIUS and you make it seem as though a different yo-yo will help that. Just to be clear, the SIRIUS is a good throw. It’s capable of longer play times than that, and I don’t know that another yo-yo will make magic happen for you.

I’ve never been one to tell someone not to get a new yo-yo, but just make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. They can’t make miracles for us (believe me, I’ve tried lol).

Hope this helps.

-whats with your attitude…simmer down. That post is helping you decide. >:(

-were not going to do the work for you. Bottom line it’s your desicion. Use the forums for reviews. Go to different yoyo sites and do your research. Pick 2-5 different yoyos that appeal to your standards,and compare them and choose the best one. Please do not ask every one to search for a yoyo. Pick 5 and we"ll give you opinions if that’s what your askin for.

Thanks guys point taken…

If you want to stay with YYJ, then I suggest the Dark Magic. If you want a really good yoyo, just a little more expensive, then I suggest the DV888. $64.99 is the price. Hope I helped!

I hope you don’t think we’re ganging up on your or trying to be rude, that’s the total opposite of my intentions.

No not at all. I do get carried away sometimes but I don’t hold grudges. Iv’e just been out for a few years and hoped the current guys had some info based on what they own. That’s all…

This yoyo is better because of this.

Seriously, I suggest going more specific and answering the questions.

Ok guys I’m caving in haha. jk You guys are right.

  1. What size do you prefer? medium
  2. What shape do you prefer? Be specific: Round Butterfly, or H-shape.
  3. What response do you prefer? O-Ring with concave
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it? No, just to clean bearing to make unresponsive.
  5. Does color matter? No pink haha, Yellow, Black, White, Chrome, etc…
  6. How does your style relate to the yo-yo? Expert tricks like -And what, etc…
  7. What is your price range? 35-65, will go to 75 if needed
  8. What is your skill level? Expert with some master moves? based on learning section
  9. What weight is ideal? Heavy, 68+

Hope this helps. I’ve never tried the H-shape it must be new. I wanna get more into
grinds, string, slack, and whiping tricks. Hope this helps. I apprecieate ur advice.

I suggest a BOSS. Its nearly idea for you, but out of your price range. Maybe give the Dv888 a try as well :wink:

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get a counter attack yoyo jams vibe

So does the Counter Attack lol.

Did you have a preference on material (metal, plastic, hybrid, delrin, etc.)? Are you looking to spend in the lower end of your price range, or towards the top. There are a LOT of yoyos that fit your preferences between $35 and $75. If you’re looking for metal, a Dv888 seems like a pretty ideal choice, although you might be looking for something heavier. I might actually recommend looking at a BBYY Bully if you’re willing to step up a bit, since it seems basically perfect for you (although a bit out of your price range).

To be honest, there’s tons of great yoyos that fit the description you’re looking for. Browse around a bit, and go with what feels right. I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the market out there right now.

As Samad said, BOSS or dv888.

try thinking about a yyf hectic very long sleep time cool shape and color[I want and am going to buy one] please pm me on your choice

You seem to almost always suggest a Boss…what do you like about it so much? The shape and the specs are nearly identical to the Dv888 but you praise it so highly? Could you explain because you make me want one though I feel like it would be like gettin’ another Dv888. ???