yoyo recomend

hey i started out a few months ago i cant get any farther than brain twister with my maverick i cant tell if its my yo or me any help would be appreciate it.

I would say if you bought something better you could definetly do it with a little practice. BUT, it is not good to do this, you should learn the right way, the hard way, and the good way.(I know I’m deep) It is the best to learn like this because then you have more skill later on, and it may be hard to believe but it will be better to you in the long-run. Also this should be fairly to learn on, as this is not usually a yoyo someone would recommend, but I am guessing you got it at something like a toys r us which is still okay. I did the same thing, but with a Freehand(OG).

It’s all just practice. Some tricks come easier than others.
Keep at it.

yes i realize this but no matter how hard or how long i play i cant get any better most days i go till my fingers purple and then some

You should at least be able to get double-or-nothing down among other things like that man. I mean, I’ve never used a Maverick, but I’ve seen it lots of times. For many it can take at least a few weeks of practicing the one trick to get it down. If you get frustrated just take a break for a bit. 'Stuff will take practice.

Just type in Maverick yoyo tricks in youtube and you will see some of the great tricks people can do with that same throw you have!!

ya working on double and Houdini but what frustrates me is brain twister i cant do its a whole lvl easier