I’ve been throwing for a little while now and I’ve got a lot of the basics down. Basically I’ve learned mounts and how to link some of them as well as some simple slack tricks by watching videos and grabbing my dv888 or Hitman and throwing for an hour or so. Now for Christmas I got a chief and a gnarwahl. I don’t really want to be just throwing those around without being anywhere past basic in my skills.

So my question to you guys is, where should I go from here? I’m willing to put in time practicing to get better but need some guidance in what and how I should be practicing so I’m not just wasting time. Also, should I be practicing with the more expensive throws to get used to them and throw the beaters when I go out or should I be practicing on the beaters and only use the more expensive ones once I’ve perfected the trick?

Any tips are appreciated :smiley:

There are tons if places online to learn tricks. is a great one. As far as what to throw… Throw whatever feels good. You don’t have to be any certain skill level to justify owning or throwing a particular yoyo. Don’t forget that it’s a toy. You own two CLYWs. Throw them. Enjoy them. Play. That’s what they were made for.

Throw whatever you like to throw. Some days, it’ll be the Chief. Other days, it might be the Hitman. As long as you’re having fun. As for tricks, I agree entirely with Waylon’s suggestion of rethinkyoyo. Tutorials are clear and concise, and they have a nice diverse trick list.


Thanks, I’ll check the website out. is another good one for slow motion and multiple angles.

Just echoing what others have said. You don’t need to justify throwing whatever you own by reaching a certain skill level. Just start throwing them!

If it’s fear of dings/damage, 2 things:

  1. As Waylon said, they’re just toys. You’ll ding one eventually. Embrace it!
  2. Even pros will ding or damage yoyos occasionally. Waiting to be more skilled in order to keep your yoyos safe is fruitless. All that will happen is that your skills will allow you to attempt increasingly riskier tricks until eventually you ding one… :wink:

Was going to add to the list, but Waylon beat me to that one, too. :wink:

There’s no such thing as wasting time when yoyoing ;D

I didn’t use metals on concrete or took them with me untill I was confident I wasn’t gonna ding them. Honestly tho I have so many clyw that I just use the fG’s as my daily just incase I do bang it. I save all my rares tho for time spent throwing over carpet.

I would say to throw your CLYW’s over carpet if you are adamant about dining them up. Toys don’t stay perfect forever. The most important thing is just enjoying it.

I would just switch off your throws and have fun with them all! Just take your beaters when you are playing outside or over concrete.