Saving up for expensive yo yos

I have a DV888 that I got a few months back and am realizing that is isn’t the best yo yo for practicing your straight throw and have been watching alot of CLYW yo yo videos. It seems to me that CLYW is a very high quality brand but that comes at a price tag, Also would something like the CHIEF or the PUFFIN be good for practicing my throws.

Its very possible to hit almost any trick that you see in other people’s videos, on your dv888. It has been said many times, but a more expensive/better yoyo will not make anyone a better yoyoer. A yoyo like the Chief or Puffin will have a longer spin and will also be more stable than a dv888, but the most effective way to get better is just to practice.


You can practice with mostly any top dollar Yoyo however to get it a lot more straight I find using heavier yoyos help which is when CLYW yoyos are not so heavy.

Don’t get a higher quality yoyo to “practice your throw”. You should move to a high end yoyo when your throw has already been developed and you can take full advantage of it.

But once you feel you’re ready, CLYW would be a great choice. Although, I’m extremely bias and view CLYW as the master race, so keep that in mind and remember there are plenty of great yoyos out there, including the Dv888.

CLYW is a good brand, but I wouldn’t immediately jump to them. CLYW gets a lot of hype and they have a lot of fans, but that doesn’t mean they are the best throws out there. I actually prefer my G2 Triton and One Drop Code 2 over any of my clyws.

Also I believe a better yoyo can definitely make you a better player. Yes you can do the same tricks on a $10 classic, but if you buy a more expensive throw, it will have longer spin times and more stability. Those 2 features alone will make learning easier. When you learn easier you see results quicker which motivate you to try more. If I had stuck with my cheap throws instead of buying a Chik, I might have given up by now. Instead I am still really enjoying the hobby.

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To practice your throws, use something LESS forgiving.

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The only problem with that is a beginner might get too frustrated on an unforgiving yoyo and give up.

I agree!

I think having a fantastic high-performance yoyo around is super-helpful during the learning stages. For learning tricks without tilting out, for having more spintime to stare at the strings and try to remember what happens next… for ALL of the things that a high-performance yoyo can help out with!

But that’s not what he said. He said “for practicing my throw”. A yoyo that compensates for a bad throw won’t help you practice it.

But when you’re done practicing your throw for the day and want to practice tricks instead, by all means, have fun with that high-end yoyo. You don’t have to “earn” one like some people say. Drives me nuts. You just have to buy one!

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It’s not the yoyo, it’s you. No offense intended. A mid priced (or cheaper) yoyo will help you develop your skills as well or better than an expensive yoyo.

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It could be that you just don’t well with the shape of the DV888. I learned on a Grind Machine and hated the high walls and thought I couldn’t throw it straight. Then I got a cheap PSG Sandglass and found out I just really preferred awkward shaped, low-walled throws instead. Granted I can do most tricks on a Grind Machine ‘now’, which goes back to what everyone says “Practice makes perfect”, yet it still doesn’t feel natural to me compared to other shapes.

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But there is more to it than just developing skills. If you don’t have some positive results there’s a good chance you’ll get discouraged and end up abandoning the hobby. Not everybody wants to compete. Some people just enjoy throwing. If my throw is a little off, I just adjust and keep going. Haveing good quality throws makes that easier to do and keeps me involved.

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If the tilt on your DV888 is bad enough that you’re considering getting another throw to correct it, odds are the new yoyo won’t help much anyway. Having said that, it could very well just be that the size/shape/weight distribution of the DV888 just doesn’t work for you (undersized throws like the DV888 do tend to be a tad less stable and forgiving). There’s no need to go straight for CLYW and the other top shelf stuff though. Before you plonk down $100+ on a throw, try some different shape/sized budget throws first and find out what you like. Like others have been saying, at the end of the day it just comes down to practice.


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I can do rancid milk on my dv888. just keep practicing!

I would like to point out, that DarkScism is extremely correct. However, some yoyos tend to be more stable than others, but it requires practice to get them like that. If you want something less expensive than a CLYW, I find the Aviator to be very stable.

I think that you should stick with your dv888 for a couple of reasons :
-when you DO get a throw straight enough to tame a dv888 you definitely have a great throw on a yoyo that’s more stable and forgiving.
-when you’re at a point where your throw makes a dv 888 tilt you might turn that shiny CLYW into a beater pretty fast since your control isn’t the best. it’s ok, we’ve all been there, but would you really save up for something that might end up beat? sure, a lot of players are perfectly fine with dings and scuffs and scratches, but you might end up with a mint(ish) dv888 and a beat clyw instead of the other way around. kinda sucks when you have to save for the high-end throw, doesn’t it? And i’m not even talking about the possibility of breaking it because of inexperience.
-if you like yoyoing so much you’re willing to invest in a high-end, you’re probably not going to be discouraged by sloppy throws at the beginning. i remember hitting my knuckles a lot when trying to get a velocity to do what i wanted but i still had enough fun. if you’re not that involved you might want to put your hundred dollars elsewhere

I had my dv888 back in 09 and at the time it was my favorite throw. Can do any sidestyle or frontstyle trick I want on it. Things just get difficult when I go to perform some sidestyle stuff but I doubt the original poster is trying to do that.