Practice yoyo

Is there a good yoyo for practicing tricks? I couldn’t improve! My budget is $120. Please help me! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

All the yoyos are good. Just depends on what your personal preferences are.

Andre wouldn’t stock them if they weren’t good.

For the most part, all yoyos are good for practicing tricks. There are YoYos that make things a bit easier when you’re first starting, either by offering longer spin time or more stability. What are you currently using?

I really think that most people go through phases when they stop seeing themselves improve, that’s just part of it… You just stick to it and eventually things will click again, and you’ll improve like crazy.

I see from your profile that your favourite yoyo is the MVP. That should be just fine for practicing tricks. That little flat spot where progress comes to a screeching halt happens to everyone. Just find something you really want to learn and work on it or put the yoyo away for a week or two, do something else you enjoy and come back to it refreshed.


TrVth. Nuff said.

the Dropbear by ten yoyo is a really good yoyo 115

its stable, fast and great horizontal one of the best yoyos out there IMO
but it all comes down to preference

You have an MVP?

You should be fine to practice with that, even compete, show off, whatever.

It’s perfect!

Is there an issue with it?

I have avant garde 1,2 dv888,speeder 2

Those should be fine to practice with. The dv888’s should work great. You can go crazy with them and not really have to worry about dinging them up or anything because they are not too expensive.

If you want a good, stable yoyo that can make practice easier, I think a Code 2 would work great. Plus, you can adjust the weight to how you like it with the side effects.

I agree with this guy but a snipe my be better

jk a good practice yoyo for me is a sr71 because its stable and has a good spin. Plus its cheaper so i dont mind if it gets dinged

I would recommend the Dingo or Popstar. The small size really forces you to improve your accuracy, which would help you greatly.

I have a lot of yoyos. None of them help me improve.

I find the only two things that help me are either:

1: Practice
2: Breaks.

And 3 when available: Ask for help!

I do have preferred yoyos for practicing, but I’ll literally grab anything appropriate. The only things that help me are practicing. Putting in the time and effort is really necessary.

When I am getting frustrated, I take a break. This can be either going back to only stuff I do know, or sometimes walking away completely, for either a few days or a week or more. Sometimes coming back, I may be able to do the trick, or it seems to be coming together faster.

Help isn’t always available. Fortunately I have support. I have a nearby friend who throws, and I go to YoLex regularly, plus I go to contests nearby when I can. I also actively seek out other throwers.

So, getting a new yoyo isn’t going to really help you. I will say that sometimes variety is a good thing though. Some yoyos have shapes that may work better for you. Sometimes having something outside your comfort zone can help as well.

I’ve gotten to the point where my skills are starting to level off a bit, but at the same time, I’m able to land tricks, which are not seeming to be that hard(YYE’s Advanced 2 level tricks). This is a temporary thing. It may last weeks, months or years. For the time being, I’m fine with what skills I have and what tricks I’m working on. Honestly though, I’m not that good, but that’s not important. Having fun is my objective. I don’t know when I’m gonna land on the next plateau. I have a feeling I’m not too far off.

Onto yoyos I have that I feel really help me. My CLYW Chief and One Drop Code 2 with Disc side effects give me super long spin times, great stability and therefore more attempts per throw. However, once I get some degree of success, I immediately put those away and start using other stuff, which can be as cheap as a ProZ. I vary size, shape, profile, weight, bearings. I’m trying not to develop a model specific motor memory, but rather ensure I acquire the skills to perform the trick.

I will say this, yoyos with a very low side wall and V-shapes, a generous catch zone and lots of rim weight do seem to be ideal for learning.

The 888 or the DNA but the DNA costs a little more about $15