Am i hopleless or not?

Hey!I Just started yoyo-ing about 6 days ago.Anyways,i got myself a fast 201.First 3 days i mastered the sleeper and the breakway and sadly hit my ps3 with the yoyo.I can do some tricks with the yoyo like stop and go,walk the dog,rock the baby and dizzy baby,confederate flag,trapeze.But i cant do anything like brain twister or one and a half mount or gyro flop.I think cuz of the starburst.When i land my yoyo on a string the starburst slows it down and eventually it dies.Also,when i do the trapeze and i try to throw the yoyo off the string and catch it,the yo just gets round my nth and then ends up in a sleeper.Am i hopeless or i need to practice this throw?Tricks appreciated.
I am going to get myself a WHip soon.Very soon…

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Prepare yourself for the mass amounts of criticism to come in response to your first remark.


Yeah, that word can be very offensive to some people. so i’d change it if possible

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ok sorry.

besides, the topic title, heres an answer to your question. at the widest possible gap on the fast201, it CAN handle some intermediate and even some advanced tricks. you can learn many of the split bottom mount tricks (ripcord, split the atom, barrel rolls, boing e boing, mach 5) AND a few 1.5 mount
tricks (buddhas revenge, mcbride roller coaster) and with a $10, the whip is good, but not amazing. spend a couple more $$$ and purchase an Adegle PSG or asteroid ($15.99)

Congratulations on your new found obsession and success. What you’ve done took me MONTHS to accomplish.

I could care less about the topic. Too many people are thin skinned and go around looking to be offended, especially when they sell products with latches that release.

The Whip would not be a good step up. The Whip is inexpensive, durable, fun, a good grinder, but way too light. Think of it is as step up if you’re not sure if you want to continue yet, or as a light weight option to challenge yourself later on. The weight prevents you from having great spin times, restricting you to GOOD spin times only. The ONE has many of the same issues but with 2 bearings, it can go from responsive to unresponsive play, but the surface isn’t good for grinding.

There are plenty of under $20 options. The Adegle PSG and/or Asteroid are relatively new but are highly recommended, and I do agree. The YYF Starbrite is also a solid performer for the money, as is the stackless grind machine. YYJ offers the Speed Maker and Kickside, which use a hybrid response(starburst one side, rubber o-ring on the other). If you clean out the bearing, these become amazing. You can also yank the o-ring and silicone it and it becomes even better. The Lyn Fury uses 2 of these rubber o-rings for a response, so clean the bearing and silicone the space where the rings where and this is a serious player! You need to learn how to do maintenance anyways, so knowing how to clean a bearing a silicone a yoyo are skills you’re gonna learn anyways.

Step up to the under $30 range, there’s the Grind Machine(with stacks), Starlight, and DieNasty by YYF, just to name a few. YYJ offers the Chaser and Legacy II, which both come with a pre-installed thin bearing and a YYJ Speed Bearing in the package for easy swap-out to unresponsive play.

The next jump up in price is the $35 Northstar or Protostar. Amazing plastics that routinely compete with $100 metals. Preferences play a bit role here as the shapes are the same but the weights are different.

If you’re really into this, the Dark Magic II is a highly recommended yoyo, and again, with the 2 bearings, goes quickly from responsive to unresponsive.

Whatever you get, you need to practice, a lot. More is better.

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Well i can’t find that yoyos in my country,sadly.I can however find one,whip and pocketchange at the price range.

I would suggest that you go “mail order” then. YYE is one of many places that sell excellent yoyos. The problem comes down to international shipping costs. I think there’s a few European resellers, or you can contact YYE directly and put to them the question of “this is what I want to get” and see if they can do something to knock down those shipping costs.

Don’t forget strings. You will need lots of strings.

If the place you can find carries the ONE, WHIP and Pocket Change, chances are hopefully good that they are a YYF reseller. See if they can place a special order for you.

if you buy the 100 pack and use 2 strings a week it will last you a year. They generally cost $15.

Shipment to romania goes into the 30s or 40s if you want tracking and to have your package in like 2 weeks. Stores from Germany/hungary are a better option. Yyf actually has an europe site. We do have 3 online stores( like, literally, three) that carry most yyfs and some yyj. Feel free to pm me for more info, i’m sure i can help :slight_smile:

Well first of all you need a better sleeping yoyo cuz if you don’t it is just going to be harder for you and note you got a lot if practicing to do if you trying to do gyro flop learn the easier stuff first before you move on to more advanced it helps you get better

Not to throw a curve ball into the mix, but I do have order a Fast 201 soon for “support purposes” for some kids I’m teaching how to throw. What do I mean by this? I like to have “like for like” equipment so when they have questions, I can answer them.

I’m willing to bet that in addition to needing a better yoyo, a good temporary solution is to clean out the bearing. I’m willing to bet the bearing has some excess lube in there. If I’m right, cleaning the bearing and a good, strong and straight throw will help a lot.

Do keep in mind, it takes a good long time to develop a good throw. Buying an expensive yoyo is only going to be buying a more expensive yoyo at the minimum.

Congratulation it is time to get a new yoyo think about getting a YOMEGA maverick or dash responsive with silicone pads has fairly good sleep time can find at most hobby shops and can find at some toy stores and if you wear down the pads you got an unresponsive yoyo too!

First off, without even reading your post and basing this entirely on the title, you are not hopeless! There’s always hope no matter how bad the time is during your life. Look for the good and soon enough you’ll find that hope is all around. Sorry if this is completely irrelevant to the original post, but UT needed to be said.

Stupid iPad randomly hit thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, welcome to the world of throwing!
Be prepared to spend some cash on some nice throws, I know most people get addicted! :wink:

I second this statement.

Well you are [b]hopleless[\b] but doesn’t sound like your Hopeless you seem to be doing quite well. Deffinatly follow Studio 42’s advice, and clean the bearing. I know this is just repeating what has been said but still, get string, practice, and DON’T be too hard on your self, i beat (figuratively) my self up one failing all the time, when i start that i usually go take a break and then try again. and defiantly heed Javlin’s warning its very very true…