What yo-yo did you learn master tricks on? *New Poll*

Just curious what you leaned mater tricks on. Did you learn on a cheep yoyo, and then buy an expensive yo-yo? Or did you buy an expensive yo-yo and then learn master tricks?

Umm… it was either a g5 or a phenomizm. don’t remember which.

too many to count. lol

My absolute first was my Duncan Imperials and Butterflies. This is where I mastered most of my basics (Walk the dog, UFO, Rock the Baby…) After getting the Fireball and Raider, I wasn’t instantly that much better of a player and I initially saw the bearings as ‘cheating.’

Fast Forward to 2010 when I got back into the yoyo scene.

I pretty much picked back up on a FH2, Zombie, Maverick, then finally Metal Drifter. I think I learned most of my ‘newer tricks’ on my Maverick and Drifter.

When the Super Yoyo (chousoku spinner) fad occured in the Philippines, I had a few Brain knockoffs that were like less than a buck [converted and everything]. I think that’s how I got my very basics: Throwing, walk the dog/creeper, and even picture tricks (which were ‘advanced’)

When I picked up yoyoing again 9 months ago, I pretty much learned most of my tricks with my Protostar and DV888 :D.

PGM, and a Dark Magic (I wanted to be like Andre) :smiley:

Dv888 :smiley: I only learned them recentlly tho. After yoyoing for a while every trick seems the same lvl, there isnt really a harder or easiier trick after youve gotten into the groove :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, I consider trapeze easier than a double suicide. :wink:

A maverick then when i got better a lb hectic splash but that was when i first started now i just throw whatever i feel like

Cool, thanks for the replys! But I guess my real problem is:

I want a new yo-yo, an expensive one. But i cant justify spending that much money on one. Since I’m only just learning the ‘master’ tricks. I keep telling myself that I need to get better before I spend that much. So I guess if an expensive yo-yo will make me better/faster at learning the hard tricks, I would feel better about getting one…

Does any one understand what i just said, or am i just rambling? :-\

Completely understandable.

In my opinion, people should master as many tricks and techniques using a relatively cheap yo-yo as they can before upgrading. It’s not because they wouldn’t be able to utilize the full potential of the yo-yo, nor that I think people should struggle with cheap yo-yos to learn on(some beginners insist on getting expensive yo-yos because they argue that it will help them learn more tricks). It’s because I think that when you can easily land a complex and difficult trick on a cheap yo-yo without any problems, then you’d be capable of doing a whole lot more with an expensive one.

Just my two cents…

Oh, by the way, I learned Master tricks on a DM1(the same one that I got started yo-yoing on)

i learned all the tricks with my first unresponsive yoyo, it was a white pgm.

fhz, and yoyojam clessiah for most of the master level tricks on here. I knew lots of my own combos and tricks I made up my self before that, just didn’t know about the on line comunity. Learned all that on a yomega hyper warp, or team losi cherry bomb.

Ok who voted to give me there yo-yo??? ;D ;D ;D

I learned up to “Intermediate” using a semi-unresponsive Yomega Saber Raider with no bearing. I learned up to the “Expert” stuff on my One Drop Dingo (my first unresponsive throw). Since then I’ve just gotten a bunch of yoyos and learned a bunch of tricks. I never actually went to the “Master” section – I just eventually discovered other places to learn tricks or made my own combos.

i started with a duncan mosquito that i got from wall mart and then moved up to a dark magic 1 once i got up to split the atom, because the mosquito didnt have enough spin. then learned all the tricks on that and then moved on to other tricks and yoyos. just learn everything on the dark magic on this site, then get whatever you want

I learned all the tricks I wanted to learn on a DM1. you have a DV888, that is perfectly fine to learn any trick at all on. I have several expensive yoyos and I still almost always use a DV888 for 5A

For the most part I learned them on a pgm… Since then I’ve bought a popstar, supernova, severe, and 888… I can do anything on that cheap plastic, after that they become collectors items to me

All people who chose this choice PM me: “I’ll give you my expensive yo-yo! (free)”

Are you just messing with me?!?!?!?! ;D >:( ;D >:(